Melanie Jeanne

We Are Doing THIS Tonight

[photo credit: unsophisticook]

It’s a mama and Doodle date night tonight and we are going to get wild and crazy up in our house. We are going to dye Easter eggs. As with everything, creativity exists in mass. And as with everything, pinterest has a way of showing us new ways to be creative.

I have to say I am usually the procrastinating type. I am usually rushing to dye eggs on Saturday morning because we all need eggs on Sunday, right? Yet, this year, for some reason I planned ahead. I did my research. I found a ‘pin’ that inspired me. I bought eggs last Sunday during my weekly grocery run, I boiled the eggs this morning and even bathed them in an ice water bath. I showed Doodle the egg dye in advance and talked up this evening like it was going to be the best night ever.

And so it shall be. Tonight we are going to dye eggs. Tonight we are going to get our creative on. Tonight 24 hard boiled eggs are going to be our main event.

My excitement is overwhelming me. I think it is because I am ahead of my game. I am creating a tradition with my Doodle. I am thrilled to see the results of my attempt at a pinterest project. I am totally stoked about being creative.

I’ll keep you posted!

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