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Cinco de Mayo

I don’t know if you have heard, but today is Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Drinko to some. But, for me it’s a frezny of food with food that I love.
Having grown up in the southwest it is part of my DNA to love Mexican food.  To crave Mexican food really. I love cheese, salsa, tortilla chips, guacamole. You name it, if it’s Mexican, I am certain I love it.

Today I am keeping it simple and allowing you to get your party started sooner… Here are four of my favorite Mexican dishes.

Jalapeño Maragrita’s – I love a deliciously sweet yet sour beverage. One that is smooth and refreshing. One that lends to days out by the pool or evenings around a board game. Margarita’s are one of my all time, if not, my all time favorite cocktail. And my love for spicy lends to a desire to include the flavor in my margarita. The best I ever enjoyed was at Model Milk in Calgary. Once my love for a spicy marg was discovered, I have been on a journey to enjoy them every chance I get. Try this one at home. Enjoy!

Guacamole. Who doesn’t love the creamy, zesty flavors of guacamole. I love dunking a salted tortilla chip into the rich and delicious goodness that is a bowl of guacamole. I have yet to master this dish at home, but I sure have fallen in love with the variety that SumoMaya in Scottsdale has to offer. If you’re adventurous and brave, here is a copycat recipe for Chipotle. Yummy!

Al Pastor Tacos. First of all let me be clear. I love tacos. Ground beef tacos. Fish tacos. Al Pastor tacos. I promise all tacos are welcome. However, when I first tried the Al Pastor tacos at a local restaurant called Salt & Lime I knew I was experiencing something special. Delicious shredded pork marinated with pineapple, chilies and lime. A hint of sweet, with a hint of spice, combined with the tang of lime. Heaven. This crockpot recipe will have you enjoying restaurant style Al Pastor tacos lickety split.

Mexican Corn. I was mind blown. SumoMaya (previously mentioned) created the most magical version of Mexican corn I may ever experience in my life. Bowl licking good I tell ya. And because I love all things corn, creamy, cheesy, spicy – you can see how this side dish would be a favorite. I think I found a near replica here that I can try fixing for my incredible in home Cinco de Mayo meal. Give it a try, tell me what you think!

Happy Cinco de Mayo y’all! What are some of your favorite dishes?

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