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Disney Bound

Folks, Doodle is turning 5!!! She’ll be 5 in roughly 4 weeks and 4 days. EEEKKK! I cannot believe this little tid bit. A 5 year old means she’ll be a child, not a toddler. She’ll be in elementary school, not day care. She’ll be taller and smarter and 13 years away from leaving the nest. I totally digress… Really, the most important aspect of Doodle turning 5 is going to be our family trip this summer.

Disneyland here we come!!! This trip is a win win win win win for our entire little clan. The Mr and I dig Disney (sure he prefers DisneyWorld, but shhhh), our big girls LOVE Disney & our Doodle will be experiencing a life first, Disneyland for her birthday.

There is nothing better than the magic and the excitement. I think Doodle has been talking about Disneyland since she turned 4 and definitely since the holidays. So, this little family road trip will be phenomenal. It’s our family vacation this summer and a birthday party all in one. I’m all about accomplishing many o’ things in one fail swoop.

So you see, we’ve ordered birthday treats. We’ve booked a couple meals – Arial’s Grotto for a super special Day 1 princess lunch & Goofy’s Kitchen to enjoy a 5th birthday breakfast with characters. We know there will be face painting and souvenir purchases. We have all agreed we want to eat junk food well, the treats at Disney. We want Mickey ear rice krispies, we want frozen bananas, we want ice cream sandwiches, funnel cake, popcorn, corn dogs… Oh my… Personalized Mickey ears are on order. Mickey t’s are in the bag. The countdown is on…

Enlisting all the beautiful mama’s of Facebook I have been given a gajillion and one wonderful ideas. What rides, where to relax, bring a cooler, rent a stroller, etc. And I realize that in four short weeks we will be traveling to California to have our Disney adventure.

Things are now getting really real. And I am over the moon excited. There will surely be a big ol’ recap of this adventure, I just know it.

If you have any grand ideas to contribute to our adventure, please share!!!

* Photo Credit Daily News Digs

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