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I am giving myself eighty days. Eighty days to accomplish the goals I have been putting off for most of my adult life. Eighty days to live my best life. Eighty days of focus and dedication. Eighty freaking days.

I have been alive for 12,341 days as of today, so you see, eighty (80) days is simply nothing in comparison. I can do anything for eighty days. And the reality is, there’s not much that I have to do.

In the past year I have mastered the art of nutritional cleansing and putting the absolute best nutrition in my body every single day. Let’s face it folks, food ain’t what it used to be. These days we just can’t get all of the nutrients food is meant to provide. We cannot get the nutrients our bodies need from food today because of how it is produced and processed. I do believe we are a nation that is over fed and undernourished. As a result I took my nutrition into my own hands. I have never dieted, I have however created a healthy habit in nutritional cleansing, drinking protein shakes regularly and incorporating vitamins into my daily routine. I did my research and I ensured that I was putting the best of the best into my body.

With every shake I get 24 grams of undenatured protein, as much nourishment as three plated meals. With every cleanse I detox my body, allowing for the removal of toxins and greater nutrient absorption when I’m drinking up the shakes I love so much. Incorporating vitamins into my routine allows me to nourish my cells just as much as I am nourishing my muscles with my shakes. Creating a level Ph Balance within my body is essential to stave off fear of cancer and prevent disease from developing in the future.

This past year, with this crazy incredible nutrition has been a true blessing because my thyroid disease is no longer slowing me down. I never hit the 3pm lull, I never need to nap on the weekends because I am mentally and physically drained from the week. I can chase my Doodle around the house, run alongside her bicycle. I can play barbies and ball. I can wake with the sun rise and sleep when my eyes choose to close. I have so much energy that I am now deciding my day, the day doesn’t decide me. My lack of energy, my disease, it is no longer in control.

I have also taken a liking to fitness. I like pushing my limits. I like sweating out the negative. I like feeling the burn. I have incorporated running, weight lifting, at home fitness and general play and activity into my regularly scheduled routine. I ensure that I get up and move as often as possible. I ensure that I push my muscles at least twice a week. I love challenging myself to do it better, do it longer, shucks, just do it. I am proud of the example I am setting for Doodle and the results that my body feels. I am strong. I am capable.

I have started cooking at home more often. This means my family and I all get healthier food more often. It means that we save money and we try new flavors. It means that I control what is going into my body. It means that I am protecting my family and their bodies from too much. It means that we enjoy meals together from start to finish. Working our way through the kitchen to create a meal, setting the table and picking the perfect plates, to eating and discussing life events. I love creating and I love learning what my family loves.

This is me right now… And here is my trouble. I am inconsistent. Simple as that. I eat indulgently more often than I eat clean. I eat delicious gooey yummy food more than I put the good stuff into my body. In the next eighty days I need to become a “clean eater” with indulgent cheat meals. It’s a simple, yet challenging flip. It’s changing my mind set from eating indulgently often with a sprinkle of healthy to eating healthy often with a sprinkle of indulgence. You see, I want all the other good habits I have created to be visible. And isn’t it true, abs are made in the kitchen. As a result of my indulgent habits, I carry fluff. Sure, it may not seem much to most, but it feels like a lot to me. I feel bloated and full all of the time. I feel thick. My bum and hips are carrying just enough extra to make all my jeans tight. My tummy extends over my pants buttons. It’s not lovely. And it is something in my control.

So nutritional cleansing with delicious shakes, check. Activity and fitness and play, check. Cooking at home and preparing more healthy meals, ongoing. Clean eating, the next step.

Who’s going to join me? For those who want to know more about my nutritional cleansing, just ask. It is the absolute best decision I have ever made and there is nothing better you could be doing for your own body. I wish you would all join me in that journey as nothing feels better than clarity and energy. Who’s joining me in getting moving? Let’s share ideas to make fitness fun! Who’s going to clean eat with me? I need recipes, motivation, ideas. Foods friendly for kids, you see Doodle loves the bread and cheese as much as I do… Small transitions would be nice, meals similar to what we eat today, just clean, would be best. Send the ideas. Let’s do this together! #eightydays

Basically, above are my “befores”, I have a dozen more saved on my computer from all the times I have “started”, its time to actually have an after. Though I am no longer worried about the after, I simply want to create the healthy habit. #eightydays

**** It has taken me so long to write this gem that we have 78 days left… In the past two days I have eaten cleaner and moved more. ***

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