Melanie Jeanne

I Feel Like a Superhero

[photo credit: bitrebels]

Lately I’ve been getting it all done. Work. Chores. Husband requests. Life follow-ups. Work outs. You name it, if it is on the list of “to do’s,” miraculously I am getting it done.

I don’t know how it happened. I’m not certain how long it will last. But, I am not questioning my superhero-ness these days. I know this time is fleeting. I know my powers will fade. I know that just as quickly as they came, they will go. I know I may be feeling too big for my britches and I’ll soon find out that I missed something massive. Like something really really important. But, until then, I cannot believe I am a super hero!

In this world of balancing the mundane with the magical, of balancing reality with dreams, of balancing needs with wants and of balancing fitness with fluff it is no wonder we all are superhero every once in a while.

Today I feel good. Today I feel motivated. Today I am inspired.

*** And for more adorable super hero graphics you should check out Bit Rebels & HuffPost’s Superheroes Have to Take Their Kids to School Too.

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