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16 Personalities

And the Doodle has one!
Have you heard of it? 16 Personalities? It’s a website that allows visitors to take a personality test to determine their personality type. It follows the Myers Briggs model in asking questions in order to help each individual come to a conclusion about their personality type based on they feel and handle different situations.

Well, our family has conducted this test multiple times. Both the Mr and I have conducted these tests with our co-workers as team building exercises in the work place. Fun and telling. Our kiddos, as a result of our banter, took the test to understand themselves a bit better. Our 15 year has grown and developed and her personality has changed slightly since the last time she conducted the test, I would say it was about a year ago. Our 13 old did not re-test and is sticking with the personality type. A year ago Doodle was 3. Though we thought it would be fun to see just what came, we also understood there was no way to adapt the questions, hold her attention and come to a sound personality type.

This past weekend we tried. Questions were adapted. Some questions we could ask her directly and she would understand – is it easy for you to introduce yourself to others? – no. Do you mind being at the center of attention – yes. Your mood can change very quickly – yes. When 16 personalities was asking about work style – we adapted – when you’re working on art at school to you use lots of colors and paint the whole page or do you stay in the lines – stay in the lines (as best as she can). As we moved through the test there were some questions I could answer for her based on her behaviors. And then, we came to a conclusion and Doodle was provided a personality type.

First, let me be clear, this was an activity solely completed for the fun of it. No, I do not think a personality test on a 4 year old can be completely accurate. Yes, I do think she can answer some of the questions and come to an honest answer for herself right now. And yes, I do think the personality type they labeled her with is threaded with accuracy. I also recognize that she is just starting to develop and any personality she has right now will grow, develop and be molded throughout her life. But, how awesome to have a first glimpse into the way her mind works and how fun that we can retest her throughout her life and see how life experiences have changed her.

Doodle is an INFJ. She is an “Advocate” – quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealist.

[photo credit: 16 personalities]

As fun goes, we had fun. As personalities go, 16 personalities provides accurate and impressive evaluations for adults. As watching kids grow and develop and understanding them through the process, what a neat feather to add to your cap.

Take the test for yourself, take the test with your partner in life and your best friends. And maybe take the test with your kids. Pretty cool to see how a slight difference in answer really tells an entirely different story in life.

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