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[photo credit: thyme is honey – etsy]

There is nothing better than feeling accomplished. Nothing better than feeling like I am getting it all done. Nothing better than feeling like I am checking things off the list.

Lately I have been ensuring that my list is balanced.  A balance between real-life and my corporate career. A balance between necessary evils and big dreams coming true. A balance between need and want. And let me tell you, it feels incredible.

I am fearlessly chasing my dreams. Focusing on what I want and need to accomplish daily. Setting goals big and small and creating timelines to accomplish these things in my life.

I have put that which has been on the back burner of my to-do list at the top. I have followed up on requests and completed projects. I paid for the pups registrations. I ordered my essential oils. I bought a URL for this here beautiful blog. I decorated my sitting area. I got my Doodle into a routine that works for the both of us. I am focusing on becoming strong and healthy. I have accomplished incredible amounts of awesome at the paying gig lately. I am getting it done…

I am feeling like Wonder Woman. And you see it is simple. I have crazy tabs in my head, many many tabs. Lists of things to do, to research, to accomplish, to follow-up on, to purchase, to throw away, to complete daily. Right now I am accomplishing those things that matter by simply making daily lists. By writing down what matters, realizing that my day is filled with many opportunities to accomplish it all and focusing on each task at hand until complete.

Simple as that.

And by the way, these images were taken from Thyme is Honey on Etsy, however, I get lost in her blog daily – Thyme is Honey. If you haven’t read it, go get a bit lost. It is awesome and inspiring. Clean and beautiful. Fun, enjoy! (no I was not compensated for my opinion, but wouldn’t that be lovely) 

[photo credit: thyme is honey – etsy]


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