Melanie Jeanne


[photo credit: from up north]

It is time. It is time to disconnect and decompress. It is time to spend quality time with my little family. It is time to hit the road and head to California.

We are taking our girls to California this coming week to enjoy a little family time together and celebrate Doodle’s 5th birthday. We are road tripping our way to the beach and to visit Mickey and Minnie at home. We are venturing into the salty air and the sandy coast. We are ready to relax and adventure. Go go go and rest too.

This trip is a special one for a million and one reasons… 1. Our time with all three girls is quickly nearing an end. With our oldest headed into her sophomore year of high school, we have three more summers to pack as many memories as possible into our hearts and minds. 2. Our three girls LOVE Disney. And when I say LOVE I mean LOVE. 3. We will be celebrating Doodle’s birthday on our road tripping’ adventure. 4. This will be Doodle’s first visit to the “Happiest Place on Earth.” and… 5. Us adults will get to behave like children for a couple of days.

Doesn’t get much better than that I tell ya’. A little adventure, a little family time and a little bit of the best of the best – the happiest place on earth and the beach. I cannot wait to get this family party started.

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