Melanie Jeanne

Day Glow & Superhero

Fitness is my friend. See what I mean? Just look at the photo above. Fitness fashion makes me super happy. It may be my most favorite type of clothes to purchase.

I am that girl. The one that believes a cute pair of running shoes actually makes me run faster. And a fun tank actually makes me lift more weight. And the perfect leggings actually make me more bendy. I am that girl that thinks the right hat makes it cooler outside during a long run. And a good pony tail lends to a better in-home workout.

You get it, I believe in creating the perfect condition for fitness. I believe in creating any good excuse as to why my workout is going to be amazing! So you see, fun sports bras, Wonder Woman and Hawaiian print socks create motivation.

Who wouldn’t feel more powerful with Wonder Woman on her side? Who wouldn’t be motivated to build strength for a bikini body with Hawaiian socks? Who wouldn’t feel fancy in a day glow sports bra? I mean, I do.

Motivation is a tricky little sucker, I’m willing to do just about anything to beat it at its own game.

All items pictured above were purchased at Target and I am not being compensated for this post, I simply love Target and rockin’ duds. 

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