Melanie Jeanne

Finding My Voice

[photo credit: melanie moore]

You guys… Writing a blog is hard. Not hard like brain surgery. Not hard like being a mama. Not hard like eating healthy and working out. Hard in the sense that this space is vast, HUGE. And finding my voice amongst the many has been a challenge for me.

Forgive the selfie. I dislike selfies. That being said, this image captures me. Me in the right now, safely buckled in our driveway prior to driving to work, sending my Mr a good morning text while he traveled prior to hitting the road. This is the me that those closest to see daily. This is the girl who is a wife, mom, bonus mom, furry mom, employee, friend and blogger.

You see all of those roles come easily to me. All of them except blogger. Actually, that isn’t true, blogging has come easily to me since it is all about writing words. And I am never at a loss for word. However, defining what I want this space to be, how I want this space to grow up, what I want this space to become. That has been the hard part.

It all started as a creative outlet. A little space where I would write about planning my wedding and my dear co-friendships. I would write about my affinity for peanut butter and school supplies. As I found comfort in my space I started writing about more impactful topics. Divorce. Single motherhood. Codepepndence. Toddler tantrums. Finding love again. Blending families. And I kept the fun in there too. I have written about products I love, delicious food, travel, restaurants and fashion.

I have taken this little space on a journey in trying to find my voice, its voice. I have revamped the layout multiple times. I have researched ways to improve blog traffic and gain more comments. I have started a Facebook page dedicated to this here Quirky Chaos. I started writing a secondary blog with a dear friend last year. Hissyfits & Happiness (ignore the technical difficulties, I am fixing those today). That space was structured and consistent. Daily dedicated writing, with specific topics each day. It was a mature pretty space. It was not sustainable the way we structured it and we didn’t gain the traffic and following we were hoping for.

So now, I am at a cross roads of passion and creativity. Of intention and reality. Of goals and dreams. Here I go, putting it out into the universe. Putting the feelers out there to all my readers and friends. It is my goal to make this space a special space. It is my goal to make this space a successful space. I will become a blogger who is known within the blogger space. I will create a community. I will develop friendships, partnerships and sponsorships with other bloggers, product lines and businesses. I will become a student of this craft and learn all I can about writing and creating. I will become a student of those things which need more of my attention – photography and blog layout and navigation.

This is my creative space. This is my outlet. This is my passion. I am going to make Quirky Chaos great.

Friends… your opinion matters to me. What do you love about blogs? What keeps you reading a specific blog? What intrigues you about each unique space? What do you love about Quirky Chaos? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see introduced? As much as this is my space and as much as I write for myself, it is also for you.

Also, as I grow and develop this space to what I intend it to be, I ask for your support in sharing and caring and commenting and reposting. Without you, I won’t succeed.


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