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Hippie at Heart

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I am secretly a hippie at heart. A chill, fun loving, easy going, flower power girl. Sure, most wouldn’t think so. I love Louis Vuitton, I shower every single day, I prefer jeans and tanks to everything else and I generally don’t come across as a “hippie”. Incense isn’t burning daily, bell bottoms and fringe aren’t lying around my house, I have opinions that I mostly share between the four walls of my home, but, I am definitely a hippie at heart.

It’s simple. I crave a simple, loving life. Live and let live. Sure, now that I am a parent, my hippie heart has become a bit more rigid. I care about the people we put out into the world. I care about their self esteem, their disposition and their behavior. I care if they feel the world revolves around them and I care if they are reliant on technology for self esteem boosting. I care and therefore my hippie heart has become a tinge more rigid. Rigid in the sense that I want my people to help make this world a better place. I think my girls will leave this house believing I cared a great deal about structure and discipline and loving and teaching and coaching, but at the same time, I was chill, most often easy going and maybe a bit “cooler” than the average mom.

In the 1940’s it seems the term “hip” was coined to mean sophisticated; currently fashionable; fully-up-to-date. As of the 60’s there was a youth revolution. Youth living a bohemian lifestyle, spread the culture through religious beliefs and spirituality, music, art, literature and fashion. The fundamental ethos – harmony with nature (I’m working on my green thumb), communal living (we’re a family of 5, I’d say that’s communal) artistic experimentation particularly with music and drugs (but we’re not talking about that bit here). I love music of the 60’s – Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, The Mama’s & The Papa’s, Creedence Clearwater Revival & The Lovin’ Spoonful. I mean, it’s simple, I love it. (thank you wikepdia for the education)

It is my dream to own a house on a beach or in the woods. A small little thing. Packed with books, color and music. It is my goal to own a vintage VW Beetle. Drive it around my little wooded beach town. It is my goal to dance in my kitchen bar foot. It is my goal to relax and rejuvinate, to love and be loved, to live and let live.

All this to say… I’ve started my hippie journey. The Mr and I have purchased a turntable. Yes, a turntable. We will be playing records in no time. My journey to be an adult hippie wearing Birkenstocks and listening to vinyls is one step closer to reality.

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