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Household Hacks

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If you’re anything like me any little hack that improves time management at home is an awesome feather in your cap. I will not claim expertise, as that is unfair, and quite possibly these are all common hacks that are making your life simpler and easier every single day. But, in the interest of all, I thought I would share some nifty things that are improving my time, my motivation and my ability to accomplish more in the day.

Make your Bed Immediately – I am a bed dweller. I love snuggling under the covers. I love sipping coffee propped up by pillows while watching the news. I love resting into the crisp white sheets well after the alarm has woken me. I love sitting down mid routine to watch a news segment. I get stuck in bed. It is my safe place. And as a result, as soon as the alarm wakes me and I get out of bed to brew my coffee, I make my bed. I am less likely to rest post shower, sneak a seat post make-up or prop up against the pillows again if in fact the bed is made. I don’t want to ruin the beauty that is a freshly made bed. This little trick keeps me on track and moving because there is no place to rest once the bed is made.

Put One Extra Item Away Every Time – I hate cluttered counters, toy dotted floors, piles on every available surface. However, I am guilty of every single one of those crimes. I have more important things to attend to then cleaning most hours of the day. I have a husband to love, a little to mommy, pups to pet, workouts to complete and relaxing to do. Instead of beating myself up for the clutter and chaos I simply try to always put one more thing away. When I feel like I am done, done with the clean up, I always find one more thing to do. This means one less thing tomorrow. And sometimes I get caught up in it and accomplish a lot more. The clutter may never be gone, but at least I am focused on getting a handle on it during dedicated clean-up time at my house.

Lay Out Clothes the Night Before – This doesn’t often actually work for me. In fact, I never do this. In the past I did, but I found I always wanted to change my outfit the next morning. So instead I think about my options while I shower and usually come to a decision pretty quickly. Doodle on the other hand, this is a God send. She has struggled with the getting up, getting going and getting ready process for nearly her whole life. We have battled over what she will wear, how I will do her hair, etc. And finally I came to realize, she simply likes to be in control. In order to keep the chaos at bay in the morning routine, we lay her clothes out the evening prior. She picks her outfit, lays it out and goes to bed content. Simple, easy and worth the extra minutes every night.

Wash One Load of Laundry a Day – Who loves being a slave to laundry over the weekend? I used to be an “all day Sunday washer,” but life happened. There was travel, day trips, entertaining things to do with the kids and an overwhelming sense of frustration when there were more than several loads from the weeks laundry. Instead I now wash one to two loads a night. Really it all depends on the need. This past weekend there was a lot of swimming, therefore a lot of pool towels. Two loads last night. A load of whites one evening. A couple loads of darks another. By the time the weekend rolls around there are only sheets to wash and little loads of each color. It truly is a game changer. I can relax and have fun over the weekend.

Happiness is finding ways to make life just a little bit easier. Thank goodness. What are your little life hacks?

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