Melanie Jeanne


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I didn’t even feel sick until I was diagnosed. Sure, I wasn’t feeling 100%. Sure, I was blowing my nose constantly. But, I wasn’t feeling like a truck hit me until the doctor said “double ear infection & a sinus infection to boot.” Really? I’ve felt under the weather, but not sick…

I did everything I was supposed to. I road the “cold” wave for ten days. I was sneezy and sniffly. I drank more fluids. I got more rest. I ate healthier food. I increased my vitamins. I did everything the google told me to.

I didn’t just run to the doc for no reason, I didn’t just medicate immediately. After sneezing and blowing a running nose, after having a cloudy head and tunnel hearing, after feeling the pressure building, I knew it was time to make the trip. Now I am on meds, for the next seven days.

Seven days of meds, ten days post meds of zero cleansing, that means twenty one days off of my normal routine. Time to create a different routine.

I find that the most intriguing part of this whole scenario is simply this. Ten days of feeling crummy have gone by. Ten days of pressure and stuffiness have passed. And yet, today, the moment the doctor said double ear infection with a sinus infection, that was the first time I really felt sick.

Funny how our bodies work to protect us. Funny how I am stronger than I give myself credit for. Funny how the moment something is confirmed the magnitude of it nearly doubles. Ten days in the mirror. Seven days on meds. Ten more days without cleansing. Twenty-one days to create a new routine.

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