Melanie Jeanne

Ladies, Don’t Do It

Ladies, whatever you do, don’t do it…

Do not step on the scale on Monday morning! Just don’t do it. I promise you, it is not a good idea.

If you have been eating healthy, proper portions, working out more often than ever before. If you have been focused on getting strong not skinny. If you have been trying to be the picture of health for your family. If you have made the choice to live a more healthy lifestyle… DO NOT STEP ON THE SCALE. 

I have been dedicated to a healthier me for the past 15 days. Solid efforts being made, confidence growing, strength improving. You know, the stuff motivation is made of. And then, this morning, the Monday morning I stepped on our scale. BOO.

The scale is an evil little thing. Not a single number has changed. And it baffles me. Food focus vastly improved and activity increased significantly, standardly indicate some weight loss. Not for me though, nope.

Here’s the thing, I am wise enough to recognize that the way I feel, the energy, the motivation, the enjoyment of fitness and learning how to feed myself and my family good food. That is what matters most. The scale, the scale doesn’t mean a thing. But, as emotions do, they have a way of tricking me to feel like all of the progress I have made was made in vain. All of the learnings I have accumulated were for not…

Well, this Monday I self sabotaged some and I am paying the price. I jumped on the scale hoping to see progress and instead found disappointment. I will keep going. I will keep trying. I will accomplish my goals and I will be proud of the way I am accomplishing them.

This healthy living is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. And with all things worth it, this too shall take time. Maybe a few less cookies too.

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