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It’s here!!! It’s summertime! Oh how the fond memories start flooding back.

I am a child of summer. Born in August, it’s in my blood. Raised in Arizona, it’s a part of who I am. When asked as a child what my favorite season was, my answer was always summer. Maybe it was summer break, a break from school and responsibility. Maybe it was because I always had a birthday and who doesn’t like the time that surrounds their birthday. Maybe it was the opportunity to swim every single day, what I was a fish, meant to be in the water. Maybe it was sunshine, chlorine, swimming, reading book upon book, 4th of July, ice cream, popsicles or travel with family.

Today I am still nostalgic about summer. For some reason the summer months start approaching and my summer heart starts running wild. Swimming all day, tuna sandwiches on the patio with doritos, showering and snuggling into sweats after a day in the pool and sun, movie marathons, monsoon season, baking cookies, otter pops, cook outs. You name it, I have a fond memory of it.

In adulthood the anticipation has reduced, simply because there is no such thing as summer break. The excitement comes in small bursts and specific moments, versus three months of pure joy and adventure. That doesn’t change nostalgia and my utter excitement in planning for summer.

This year I am going to love summer like a kid again. I am going to squeeze as much as I can out of every moment. I am going to plan adventures and create memories. I am going to fill my days with sunblock and swimsuits and my nights with bike rides and ice cream.

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