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f i v e

This is f i v e!!!

o n e. t w o. t h r e e. f o u r. f i v e. We made it to f i v eIt is a beautifully insane process, this watching your kiddo grow thing. And I cannot believe we made it to the age of five!

These past five years I have had the pleasure of witnessing the most incredible journey ever. This past year Doodle has become a little girl. That’s the reality of it. She has grown into a little girl. No longer a baby. No longer a toddler. Nope, she is a little girl through and through.

There is so much inspiration and inquisition. There is so much creativity and spontaneity. There is so much curiosity and exploration. There is so much love and intuition. There is so much independence and just enough “I need you mommy” to make her one incredible kid.

This is Doodle.



Doodle is a brave little wild soul. Filled with emotion and adoration. In this past year Doodle has grown into a lovely young woman. She has grown in height, and her hair, oh that hair, it has grown too. She has sprouted up like a little bean. All legs and long wild hair.

She has taken a liking to doing things for herself with determination and focus. She has started eating broccoli, corn, mandarin oranges, chicken in any form (this is huge progress) and cheese burgers. She still does not like apples, strawberries, most other fruits and most other vegetables. And she has decided that she no longer likes bananas. Go figure. She does still love bread and cheese and nearly anything chocolate.




She is fiercely determined to learn and explore and grow up. And she seems to be my little mini me. Working out with me, grocery shopping with me, cleaning with me, folding towels and laundry with me. If I am doing chores, so is she. And lets not forget her love for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This year she has loved coloring, doodling, playing with babies, putting babies to sleep and riding her bike. Oh and swimming, there is always swimming. She is most certainly a fishie.



This year Doodle has come out of her shell in beautiful and unique ways. She is now willing to talk to strangers when in the safety and presence of her people. Answering questions when asked and engaging in conversations when comfortable. She is still wild and free with those she loves and shy as shy can be around strangers and new people. But, boy, the sweet and inquisitive nature of her while engaged in conversation here at home has me in awe, giggling with delight and filled with wonder… the things she says.



We are on to our next adventure these days. Graduating from pre-school, registering for kindergarten, signing up for swim club and fall soccer. Four was an entire year of preparation to develop and grow and build self confidence in trying new things. Four was encouraging and exciting and new. Friends went well beyond my social circle and were created in the class room. Interests developed beyond family to friends. And of course she was all girl with a superheros edge about her.



What a little blessing Doodle has become over the past five years. Helping me to grow and develop and become a better mommy every single day. Challenging me in ways I never thought possible. Expressing emotion boldly and brightly and yearning to be a good little girl. She is all love and sass, all kindness and creativity, all curious and challenging. She is definitely my little girl. She is determined and angry, boy does my girl get “hangry”. Yet, she is snuggly and cautious. At this moment she is all colors of the rainbow. We’ll see how she grows.



Did I mention her style… Of my heavens. Her style is one unique conundrum. Long flowing hair. Rolled jeans. Scrunched up leggings. It’s a hot mess of the cute clothes available in her closet. Yet, it works for her. We are finally able to brush her hair daily without huge pains and a bed time routine has been established, I am still struggling on getting a handle on it’s timing. However, she calls her bedtime routine her chores and loves the process.

So here we are, five years in and I am still in awe at the blessing that is my little girl. Five years in and I still lose my breath as I watch her sleep. Five years in and I still wonder why she chose me. Five years in and still breathe deep and sigh every time I think of all the mistakes I have made since day one. Five years in and I still giggle and get welly at just how much we have accomplished in these five years together as a mommy/doodle team. Five years in and “mommy I love you” is my absolute phrase. Five years in and her tears still break my heart. Five years in and her laugh still makes my soul smile. Five years in and I cannot wait to hear her tell stories. Five years in and I am sad at how quickly time is passing. Five years in and I cannot wait for the next five years.

This is family. This is us. This is you. We love you!
Happy Birthday Doodle!

o n e 
t w o 
t h r e e 
f o u r

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