Melanie Jeanne

The First Good Bye

The first goodbye is always the hardest.

Doodle started in on a new adventure yesterday. Summer Swim Camp. Now that pre-school graduation has occurred and the transition from daycare to elementary is well under way, it was time to fill our summer days with a new adventure.

Summer Swim Camp. The first drop off is always the hardest.

My mama heart shatters through the process of day one. Watching my little girl in this big world, watching her terribly timid and shy side appear. Watching her nervously walk through doors towards strangers, away from trust and love and towards the unknown.

Yesterday I sat back a moment, completed the payment of camp and peeked in as I was walking away. Watching my sweet little soul, standing back, curious, quiet, nervous, alone… My heart broke.

Here is what I do know. She is going to shine. She is going to brave her nerves and tackle her shyness. She is going to open her heart and her mind to this new adventure. She is going to play and learn. She is going to feel all of those feelings as we all do and she is going to be ok.

These are the days when I realize my heart is not simply invested in this parenting gig, these are the days and moments when I realize she is walking with my heart in her hand through life daily. There she goes, there goes my heart, wandering this big ol’ world with more grace and confidence than I ever remember mustering.

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