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Holy smokes… It is time to buckle down! #thirtyfivedays

Vacations over, celebrations complete and birthday’s just around the corner. I have #thirtyfivedays to become the best me I can be.

#thirtyfivedays to make the final change needed in this journey to accomplish my goals. I will accomplish this goal. I will adjust my eating habits and I will see results. #thirtyfivedays that’s all I’ve got. One change, that’s all I need to make. It’s that simple. I feel my muscles now. I feel my booty getting tighter, my legs getting stronger, my body changing. I see the signs of abdominal muscles, I feel my strength and endurance improving. The end results are in sight. All I need to do is clean up my diet.


The past fifteen days have been a challenge of sorts. The last seven certainly were a challenge. I was famished. Completely and utterly hungry beyond control. Unable to concentrate unless I was feeding myself more, unhealthy and delicious food mostly, but really I just needed to be eating constantly. The past fifteen days have been hard because of all the work I have been putting in, seeing small glimpses of success and then becoming completely and utterly famished. The challenge in seeing this as a journey not a race, it has impacted my motivation here and there a bit.

The Mr and I spoke about my struggle and my mental hurdles just the other day. The bottom line, I don’t have much to change, but to see the results I want to see, the change I need to make in these final #thirtyfivedays is pretty extreme. I need to completely adjust my eating and my drinking. Toss out sugar, clean up food choices, make smart decisions. I need to stop with dessert, slow down the bread bowls, limit the plates of pasta, choose vegetables and fruits along with healthy protein for every meal.

Again, it’s not a lot, it’s simply making the healthier choice every single time. #thirtyfive days. That’s all I’ve got. Here we go!


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  1. Ky | TwoPretzels

    July 3, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    "The challenge in seeing this as a journey not a race, it has impacted my motivation here and there a bit."

    THIS resonated with me.

    1. You can do this. You can.
    2. You went and had a GREAT experience with your family. With great experiences come indulgences. Don't regret, re-focus. It's all good. (You don't even want to know how many Wetzels pretzel bites I ate from Downtown Disney when I was there. COVERED in butter.)
    3. Craig was telling me that the main guy in Magic Mike (his name? It escapes me?) was online yesterday saying that his physique for the movie was literally something he could maintain for FIVE DAYS. Anything beyond that was unrealistic. Completely shredded is NOT real life. Fit, healthy IS. You are MORE than on your way there.

    You are beautiful. And you are doing this to feel good. Ave is seeing all of this and she's watching you and you're inspiring her to be fit, but not to be obsessed.

    You're such a good mama.
    You're such a good woman.

    LOVE to you.

    (If it's any consolation; I love you as you are.)

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