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Today a New Journey Begins

Y’all I am a jitterbug. All nervous and excited and wigging out. This may be the most important blog I have ever written.

This post is meant to be all about passion and the new adventure I am about to start and everything that excites me about what I am about to do. But, right now… all I am is a bundle of nerves. I am scared and excited and worried and feeling all lost, yet determined.

You see, I haven’t been able to get this one thing off of my mind. Since I started focusing on my health a couple of years ago I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how I can create a community, a safe place for all people who struggle with putting themselves first, a loving place where cheers and motivation and inspiration live, the place where others can escape to focus on themselves and not feel alone. I have started writing about it more and more on this here blog, I worked with a friend to create a mama community called Hissy Fits & Happiness, I started a Facebook page, then a Facebook group and I even have a twitter handle. All of this in an effort to start something, anything, one thing that would help others, that would be a safe and happy place for all who need that little extra get-up-and-go.

I’ve been talking to the Mr about all of the ideas that cross my mind in a single day about what I could do next. Going so far as to tell him how much I would like to open up a boutique gym that has daycare, because no boutique gyms have daycare and lets face it, mamas like me like our spinning, yoga and pilates and often need a place to keep the kiddos safe too. I also researched Soul Cycle and opportunities to franchise. I have this hunger, this hunger to do something bigger than myself as it pertains to health and wellness and helping others finding their best body yet.

I’ve been on my own personal journey for a couple years now. Here goes…

You see, as a kid and into high school I was tall and lean and incredibly active. Swimming on varsity all through high school, I was so active I didn’t think twice about what I put into my body, nor did I have to. In college I dabbled in Tae Bo, Billy Blanks and I punching our way through the early 2000’s (you guys he’s still around, mind blown). Then everything just fell off. I relaxed, I focused on school, I was working, I was living and I turned 21. Twenty-one was fabulous until it wasn’t. Dinner before going out, Taco Bell on the way home. Not so good for a girl who was no longer active. As it does, life has a way of happening, I gained weight, lots of weight. My self esteem plummeted as a result. Then just as quickly as the weight packed on it fell off. I got into a near fatal car accident, hospital food has a way of thinning a person out. Then I fell ill with cancer, yep the big C. And with cancer weight always seems to drop rapidly, its one of those signs something is wrong. I got better, I got happy, I was dating, engaged and married. All of that happiness lead to weight gain. Grateful to be healthy again, but concerned as I had no regimen in place to stay healthy. I was blessed with pregnancy. Along with pregnancy came placenta previa and a lot of rules as well as a lot of water retention. Yep, you guessed it, massive weight gain. Then there was a divorce, weight loss. Then more happiness, dating, an engagement and a wedding, happy weight gain. By now I know you’re guessing it.

In reflection, my life has been one unintentional yo-yo diet. I have been blessed with experiences. I have been given more happiness and love than one person deserves. I have had the opportunity to learn some seriously hard lessons. I have had the strength to battle through and dig deeper and learn from mistakes and love harder and live bigger. There has always been one simple thing missing, consistency in taking care of me.

These past couple years have been lessons in balance. In creating the life I love and doing it on my terms. I have learned the value of healthy eating paired with the balance of indulgence. I have learned the strength I am capable of and the importance of rest. I have learned just how important it is to live healthy and active. I know the value of the example I am setting for Doodle. And I can appreciate the health, happiness and awareness I have gained.

I have found it! I have found the outlet I have been so desperately seeking. I have found the path my passions have been driving me toward. I am going to become, I am becoming, I am a Beachbody coach!

I have taken the leap of faith and I am so excited to start something that I love. I am so excited to help provide others health, happiness and prosperity. I am so excited to support and challenge others to live to their true potential. I am so excited to learn, live, love, coach and grow with individuals and groups of people. I cannot wait to introduce all of you to new programs, best in class nutrition and recipes to stay on track. I cannot wait to conduct challenge groups where like-minded individuals join together to push themselves as individuals while cheering one another along.

I am not speaking as an outsider looking in… I know Beachboy works because I have worked it. The best workouts I have ever used in-home. Allowing me time to learn, grow, get better and build confidence. From P90X3 to the 21 Day Fix, I have loved working the system. The nutrition, it’s no joke. The healthiest meal of the day, filling my body with super food in a super easy way. No complaints here, the bundled package of both fitness and nutrition, it simply couldn’t get an easier. Beachbody takes the guess work right on out of becoming healthy and provides even a novice with sound advice, easy to follow steps, nutrition plans that are easy and enjoyable to follow and a step by step program to start or continue your fitness journey.

Community, strength, motivation, inspiration — it’s all here, in this community. I have never felt healthier in my life. I have never had more strength. I have never had more balance. I have never been more happy. I’m not skinny, I’m STRONG. I’m not thin, I’m HEALTHY. I want you to feel the exact same way! I want you to be the strongest and healthiest you you can be!

Today, tomorrow, forever moving forward, I want to help others.

If you are interested in more information on fitness and health join me in the journey will ya? You + Me = Magic. We will travel this path together!

For more information on workouts please Dig into the information, I am here to help you, I am here to answer questions. I am here to workout with you! To become part of the community visit facebook.comMoore FIT with Melanie, “Like”, engage, we’re here with you!!! I want to hear from you, I want this to be a conversation we continue!!

Thank you! Thank you for being you! Thank you for listening…

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