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Oh, Hi!

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Oh, hi!

It’s been a while. A little while too long. But, it’s been needed. Sometimes in life things need focus and when one thing needs focus another loses focus. I love this blog and I love this space and this past month has been quiet for good reason. I have been starting a business. A business that takes a lot of heart and a lot of focus. A business that ignites my passion and drives excitement. A business that helps others and creates inspiration and motivation.

I have become a coach. In learning the ways and methods and best practices and motivating techniques I have struggled to find time to write. And in all honesty, I lost my words. Words that usually flow easily were missing. It was the focus I was dedicating to a new craft and a new passion. It was the time and energy it took to really create balance and excitement in this business.

So… Oh, hi… I am here and I have so many new and exciting things to write about. A little of this and a little of that. I have found my words again and my passion… I have written about trying to find my passion many times on this here blog and I am thrilled to say I know what it is and I am in hot pursuit of it daily. Thank goodness for that… I feel like I have an outlet for my creativity – Quirky Chaos. I have established a passion – coaching. I have defined my “whys” – family, family, family. And I am chasing dreams. Finding balance to write here and pursue passion will remain a challenge for some time. But, this is my space and my place and it is not going anywhere…

Thanks for hanging in there. Oh, HI! I AM BACK!

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