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Minted for the Holidays

Minted for the holidays…

Every year since the beginning of my adult life I have sent Christmas cards to family and friends. They have always been photo cards. A posed family photo. A cute message. Funky fonts. Thick card stock. Cool addressed envelopes. Holiday stamps. ALWAYS.

Some years I planned well and the cards were sent out just days after our post Thanksgiving house decorating (which always occurs the day after Thanksgiving, always). Some years I struggled to get them out by Christmas Eve.

This year I’ve started pre-planning. And this year Minted is my go-to source for my holiday cards. Additionally, I’m kind of, sort of in love with a non-photo card. Granted I can add a photo to the back side if I so desire once we’ve taken our annual holiday photos, but I am loving the simplicity and charm of the following five holiday cards.  

Minted Holiday Cards:

Minted Ornament + Stars Holiday1. Ornament + Stars
I am totally into a vintage Christmas. Mid-Century Modern, totally Frank Sinatra era, maybe a little 70’s flare. Don’t be surprised if my entire house decor follows suit.

Minted Merry Little Lines Holiday

2. merry little lines
A different variation of vintage. I am craving simplicity and charm. I am craving simpler times. And my entire household and holiday style is trending towards vintage right now.

Minted Stateside Holiday

3. Stateside
American charm. A nod to all family and friends across the country. It’s as simple as that.

Minted Cheer Stamp Holiday

4. Cheer Stamp
I totally dig the unique shape. I love that it looks like a coaster. I love the charm and the simplicity.

surfboard winter

5. surfboard winter
I mean, duh. My love for all things hippie and my recent love for the California coast. This is simply a perfect pairing.

Happy Holiday preparetion y’all!


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