Melanie Jeanne


I feel like I am “adulting” so hard right now. Everything, everything in my life is taking that extra bit of adult I have in me and using it right up, sucking the life right out of the fun and making this being an adult thing just crap.

Let me get it straight right now – life is wonderful and wonderfully blessed. I love my life and the people in it.

But, this adulting gig is bs and it has me all worked up these days.

Last week at work we joked about the fact that being an adult was really just ground hogs day over and over and over again. Wake, race through my morning routine and the Doodle’s to get out the door in a fluster, drop her at school just in the nick of time, race to work, run up the stairs and launch the computer, settle into the day-time routine, race out, back to school, kids club sign out, 45 minute commute, check back packs, dinner rush, homework or a little bit of playtime, bed time routine, too tired to do much else. Most days I fit in a workout too, somewhere in all of this.

No one ever really warns kids about adulting. I think we are doing a better job now of expressing the responsibilities and roles of adults to our children. Maybe too well, seems kids aren’t jumping to grow up anymore, rather riding the parental dime as long as possible.

Yep, my life is incredible. It is beautiful and exciting and fun and adventurous. I am blessed with a lot of love and freedom. Yet, between all that fun and all that freedom, I exist.

We all exist. I cannot remember the last time life felt like it did when I was a kid. Actually, I can, and it was a while ago. The older I get, the more adulting takes place. The less kid wonder occurs. It’s a simple fact for me and that is that.

Monday, you win. This adulting thing is overrated. Here’s to Tuesday when I feel like a super hero for getting “it all” done with grace and beauty. Here’s to Tuesday when I feel like wonder woman for all that I accomplished and here’s to Tuesday when my child like wonder returns because I made it through Monday.


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