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The direction of this blog post has changed three times, maybe four. I’ve had a vision, that vision changed and now my vision, well, it has come full circle.

Growth is a uniquely individual thing, or so I believe. This blog was initially meant to focus on my decision to go back to school and expand my adult education. Then I was inspired to write about growth from a body perspective. And now, well, now I am talking about growth on a human level.

As can be identified if you simply read this blog, I am a dabbler. I take on many things, I tinker in many things, I am a person who always has a lot of different things going on, multiple different hobbies and passions. So you can see how this blog would morph. And you can imagine just how annoying that dabbling could become for those that love me.

So here is the journey through growth I’ve experienced since the new year.

Over our holiday break the Mr and I got lost in an HGTV marathon of Fixer Upper, I mean who wouldn’t. Don’t you just love Chip and Joanna and the entire Magnolia empire? In dreaming and chatting the Mr and I discussed my love for design and as a result we engaged in a serious discussion about what I want to be when I grow up. After a lot of research, connecting with a design inspiration and digging deep into my heart…I came to my outcome. Pursuing design will happen in the future, but I have decided, right now I cannot spread myself that thin.

Once I mentally determined that school, though an exciting possibility, would not be a priority at this time, this blog post mentally took a different tone. I started writing about growth and weight gain and how happiness over the years as well as an increase in indulgence and a lack of self-control lead to my weight inching up. But, then I realized that journey and that story had been documented on here time and time again. And there was no new information to share. I gained weight and I have since focused on my health and fitness.

And then last weekend it happened, I went to Phoenix Super Saturday, a quarterly BeachBody event to inspire and motivate helping others. And in that moment I realized I am right where I am meant to be. Focusing on my health and helping others focus on their health and wellness, getting stronger everyday. Focusing on my blog and allowing the words to flow. Writing about my passions and my adventures and following my heart in delivering blogs that touch others.

Everything that happens in this life journey happens when it is meant to happen. My confusion and the evolution of this blog post as well as my experiences as of late are driving me down my true path. I cannot wait to share where I am headed as I travel my path… Learning more about health and wellness and fitness. Writing more about adventure and travel and that which inspires me. Growing in positive practices that will support goals and dreams. Yep, this is a good life, a real good life.

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