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How We Speak

How we speak to ourselves… It’s a wonderous thing, as well as epically dangerous.

The words we use to speak to ourselves can be incredibly insightful, incredibly loving, incredibly motivating and incredibly wrong.

Historically the words I have spoken within myself have been incredibly damaging. Damaging because they would fill me with doubt and question. Damaging because they were wrong. The words I would speak to myself would reinforce a ticker tape of failures, of mistakes, of missteps, of could-have done betters. They were words highlighting that which I didn’t like about myself.

These words would run a race through my mind as I was getting dressed. They would tell stories as I was showering. They would talk back to me as I prepared a meal. They would sing along to music in the car. They would remind me that I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. I wasn’t strong enough, skilled enough. That my outfit didn’t fit right or look right. They would tell me I was out of my league and out of place in my own skin.

I used words that would break me down versus lift me up.

Over the course of the past six months I have really focused on changing my internal monologue, adjusting my internal conversations and taking moments out of my day to simply recognize all that I do well.

I am singing a different tune lately and I love the pep in my step. When the words of self-doubt creep in, I change my tone immediately. I tell myself something great, something real, something honest, something undoubtedly true. I practice positive thoughts and commentary. I remind myself I am exactly where I am meant to be and heading in a direction that leads me to my dreams.

I love words. I love when words flow beautifully together. I love the romance in a word and the beauty in positive words. I love that I am streaming that beauty internally.

Take a moment, speak to yourself with love and kindness.

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