Melanie Jeanne

The Journey

It feels good to be lost in the right direction. Have you ever felt like there was more? Something more that needed to be accomplished? Something more that needed to be chased?

I am a master of tinkering. I have a need to be lost in a million directions. I feel good staying busy with multiple projects and too many ideas and just enough goals. I love to be lost in the moment and yet I am always excited to look to the future.

I have been blessed to be lost in the right direction most of my life. Every adventure leading to the next great thing, the next wonderful opportunity and the next chapter of this incredible life I happen to be living. I have been blessed that even my biggest mistakes somehow turned into my greatest accomplishments. I have had the blessing of visualizing my life into what it is and it is simply magical.

It’s crazy to realize that what I manifest I become. It is wild to realize I am the driver of my own life. I am the creator of my own soundtrack; I am the director of my play and the writer of my life’s story. Yep, this is my life and I am in control of the way it turns out.

Most recently I have harnessed manifestation and I have crafted new goals and dreams that I simply know need to be accomplished. I am running in the right direction and there is something so beautiful about the journey. The journey of learning new things, the journey of tinkering in many passions, the journey of planning for success, the journey of life is a beautiful thing.

I am lost in the right direction on the right journey. I am basking in the journey of arriving to my destination as much as I am excited to get to where I know I am meant to be.

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