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Time to Travel

Shwoop. Shwoop. Shwoop.

We’ve got that itch.

The itch to bundle up, freeze our fannies and ski. In a few short weeks the Mr and I will travel together again. A new stamp for our passports, a new adventure to add to our memory banks, Whistler we’re coming for you!

The thrill is palatable. The excitement of Canada, earls, skiing, cold weather and cozy clothes, yep, we feel it. This adventure feels different, feels new, feels exciting. It may be the lack of an annual ski trip last winter; it may be the lack of a winter holiday get-away this past holiday season. Whatever the feeling may be, we are feeling all the feels.

Whistler, in Canada, to ski, oh my heavens!

I am scouring pinterest and the blog-o-verse for tips, tricks and great ideas. The Mr and I have yet to ski one location twice. We love the journey of learning a new mountain, of exploring a new ski town, of experiencing a different culture. For us it is about getting to the mountain early, think freshest tracks possible and staying until nearly closing time. Making the most of our three days of skiing while also planning for some time to explore and adventure.

There is no doubt we will enjoy one meal at earls Whistler Village. Once an earls girl, always an earls girl. And wouldn’t you know I’ve got the Mr hooked on the parm dip. We’ve already explored the Fresh Tracks Breakfast which would take us to the Roundhouse for a meal as dawn breaks. When the bell rings, we ski. A Peak2Peak gondola ride would be a beautiful way to transport between Whistler and Blackcomb, what a beautiful site to see. And if my little legs are shot, there’s a gondola that can take me straight to the bottom and within walking distance to the center of the village.

You see, the adventure has me feeling all the feels and right now I am in extreme excitement planning mode.

32 Tips for Whistler Blackcomb 

* Photo Credit The Expert Vagabond

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