Melanie Jeanne

Happy Birthday M O M

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

There is no way to every adequately say in words how much you mean to me and how grateful I am that you were born. There is not way to adequately express just how special you are to me and how important you are at the core of my being.

You are my person; the person I call to vent to, the person I call when things are great, when things are terrible. You are the person I call on in life. You are Doodle’s person; the person she cried for, the person she plays with when she is using her imagination, the person she fake calls and actually texts. And we love you. It’s as simple as that, we love you a “figure 8”.

So today, though it feels like we are a million miles apart, though it feels like we do not talk nearly as much as we used to, though you are celebrating with papa and friends… Know there is no place we’d rather be than celebrating you. Know that you are on our mind the entire day. Know that we will call and sing to you, know that we have talked about you already 100 hundred times today and we will 100 more.

I love you mom. Thank you for being you! I am so glad you were born. xoxoxo

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