Melanie Jeanne

Fit Focus

I am right where I should be.

I am at that cross road of lost control and met my goal. I am in that honest space between complete and utter mortification and back to my old self. I am facing my reality and simply moving forward.

Y’all, I am a wellness coach. My passion is to support others in meeting their health and wellness goals. My “job” is to support with inspiration and to teach by example.

Yep, I feel like I am failing my peeps. But, in reality, I am human and I am setting an example that when one falls off the horse, all one must do is get honest and hop back on. Life is a journey and ones health and wellness is exactly that too. A journey. There will be twists and turns. There will be bumps and straight aways. There will be detours and delays. Healthy doesn’t happen over night. Losing your way on your healthy journey doesn’t happen over night. Getting back to that place of confidence and success surely doesn’t happen overnight.

For me the holidays were a trap, I got stuck in the quick sand of treats and sweets and over indulgence. The new year felt like a perfect jump start back to healthy, but unfortunately I kept telling myself “I’ll start tomorrow”. Now we are in the thick of spring (here in Arizona) and physically I have digressed to the days of “freshman 15” weight gain.

Am I upset, no. I have been honest with myself and realize that I have the tools to take back my health. I am however disappointed that I fell into the “I’ll start tomorrow” and “it’s okay to indulge it’s the holidays” mind set. I know better.

So here we are on March 24th and I am preparing to refocus my journey. I am not starting over as I have already “started”. Today I am focusing on what little positive changes I can make that will make a huge impact over time…
1) Drink my water
2) Cut out the sweets more often
3) Smaller portions
4) More healthy decisions

Meal by meal and workout by workout I will get where I want to be. It’s that simple. And there is no point in crying over the spilled milk of my healthy journey because there are small victories laced within the struggles. Fitness has remained a priority and the husband and I have been eating at home.

Face your truth and get back on the horse. I am real. I am authentic. And I am here to support you through your real and your authentic. We are stronger together!

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