Melanie Jeanne

I Love a Countdown

Here I go again…

Boy do I like a good countdown. I love crossing days off of the calendar and watching the day’s fall away leading to something special and important.

I’m in full blown countdown mode right now. Counting down on Post-it notes at my desk, digitally within apps on my phone, on my bathroom mirror. Wherever I can put a countdown, one is in place.

You see; for me it is a way to meet a goal, it is a way to plan and dream, it is a way to focus and quite frankly it is a way to get through challenges knowing there is something worth celebrating and looking forward to in my future.

I have a handful of countdowns that have me all excited right now; summer travel with my family, Doodle’s birthday, my birthday and the celebration of me and my Mr’s anniversary. I mean… Summer was never fuller of celebrations.

Countdowns are also a great way for me to stay on track, get back on track or stay focused on the positive. I am a dreamer by nature and having something in the future to look forward to, well, it keeps me inspired and motivated.

How about you?

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