Melanie Jeanne

100 Ways to Improve Your Day

Sometimes all one needs is a boost. A little umph that makes the day just a teeny tiny it better. Sometimes a change of setting, a different focus, an adjustment to mindset. Sometimes just a little life win is needed to change outlook.

Here are 100 ways to adjust the course of any day…

  1. Drink a tea & relax
  2. Get a car wash
  3. Wash the sheets
  4. Do the dishes
  5. Eat an ice cream
  6. Read a few pages of a good book
  7. Pray
  8. Stretch
  9. Laugh
  10. Take a brain break
  11. Write in a journal
  12. Go on a walk
  13. Drink a whole lot of water
  14. Draw
  15. Breathe deep for a full 60 seconds
  16. Say YES to the kids
  17. Do a cartwheel
  18. Get into cozy clothes
  19. Watch a favorite movie
  20. Turn up the volume and sing along
  21. Have a dance party
  22. Get physical
  23. Bake
  24. Do a good deed
  25. Surprise a friend
  26. Take a long hot shower
  27. Eat popcorn
  28. Swim
  29. Nap
  30. Tell a joke
  31. Redecorate a corner in your home
  32. Declutter
  33. Play a board game
  34. Shop
  35. Plan a vacation
  36. Write a blog post
  37. Create a photo album
  38. Write a letter
  39. Mail the letter
  40. Get lost on pinterest
  41. Workout for 30 minutes
  42. Play with the  dog
  43. Drive around town with the windows down
  44. Organize computer files
  45. Call your mom
  46. Snuggle with your spouse
  47. Make a new playlist
  48. Invent a new game
  49. Break a rule – wear white after Labor Day
  50. Enjoy some hot cocoa
  51. Change up your daily look
  52. Get new shoes
  53. Pay one bill early
  54. Make dinner for your neighbor
  55. Fold the wrinkled clothes in the dryer
  56. Build a fort
  57. Suck on a jolly rancher
  58. Attend a fitness class
  59. Research something that’s been on your mind
  60. Carve out time to learn
  61. Change your computer wallpaper
  62. Tackle one daunting task
  63. Use a colorful pen all day
  64. Paint your nails
  65. Learn a new word
  66. Start a pinterest project
  67. Finish a pinterest project
  68. Call a friend
  69. Let your kid plan dinner
  70. Watch hockey
  71. Take an online quiz
  72. Eat a PB&J
  73. Mop your floors
  74. Light a candle
  75. Donate items
  76. Throw away items
  77. Try something new for dinner
  78. Get crafty
  79. Put your phone away
  80. Consolidate your wardrobe
  81. Try out a new hairstyle
  82. Get a facial
  83. Play a card game
  84. Change up your routine
  85. Organize your closet
  86. Plan a garage sale
  87. Organize a dinner party
  88. Mentally list gratitudes A-Z
  89. Drink a tall cup of milk
  90. Pull some weeds
  91. Water the garden
  92. Organize the fridge
  93. Sit indian style
  94. Change scenery
  95. Ride your bike
  96. Smile
  97. Brew a cup of coffee
  98. Play
  99. Enjoy a snack
  100. Rest

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