Melanie Jeanne

Summer Nights

It’s one million degrees here in Arizona and we are deep into our summer. Roughly three-quarters of the way through with four weeks remaining to entertain, prepare for a new school year and make a few final memories for the summer of 2016.

Friends and family are completing their vacations, making their way back to this heat and moms are starting the back-to-school chatter. Who’s Doodle got for first grade, did you go back-to-school shopping for clothes yet, have you purchased school supplies? What activities will Doodle be involved in? And so the mama journey continue…


While I am thrilled to see fall approaching at a rapid pace, I am desperate to squeeze a couple more memories out of what will amount to this years summer break.

My favorite way to squeeze out just a tad more summer and fill my hearts cup is a BBQ. A pool-side BBQ with some of our closest friends. Friends who are raising friends together. The best way to make it through this heat wave we call summer in Arizona is a pool-side get together.


Saturday we spent the day preparing for a fun evening with friends and kids. The house was cleaned. The laundry done. The fridge stocked. Pool floats inflated. Candles lit. Food prepped.







All that was left to do was swim the evening away, enjoy grilling dogs and burgers and laughing with friends. I cannot think of a better way to spend a hot summer’s night than by the pool with some of my favorite people.




Giggles and laughter and joy ensued. Kids chanted throw me again. Rings were tossed and jump contests occurred. The best of summer was had. Cannon balls, cork screws, pencil jumps, front flips. More laughter and more joy. A summer BBQ is absolutely what my heart needed. The smell of the BBQ. Bowls of chips. An ice cream sundae bar to top the night off. Instruments were played and kids played.




Summer traditions passed down. This mama’s heart exploded. Those kids hearts were filled with joy. Four more weeks, I am sure I’ll squeeze a few more memories out before it is all said and done. The best feeling is passing those memories and traditions down from generation to generation and raising friends with my dearest friends.

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