Melanie Jeanne

Commitments. I am making a few commitments for myself this year. Resolutions, not so much. Commitments, most definitely.

I have found that the more I list, the more I declare resolutions, the more goals I chase, the more I fail myself. This year, I am calling it what I want simply to redefine my focus. To you, and most, these commitments will appear as resolutions, but for me, they are new and renewed commitments to myself.

Here goes…

  1. Finish: Finish what I start. Simple as that. Start something, finish. Book. Workout. Task. I am committing to finishing what I start. The feeling of accomplishment is always best when the task is complete. It is time to see through all that I chase.
  2. Listen: We all have that tiny voice inside, the one that somehow screams loudly when we are on the wrong path, not following the right dream, chasing the wrong goals. That voice that continually drives us towards that special something that is meant for us. I commit to hearing that small voice within loud and clear and taking action.
  3. Meditate: I am a beginner at best, this I know. I commit to seeking meditation more. Seek meditation to hear that little voice inside. Seek meditation to calm the chaos within. Seek meditation to create a foundation of peace.
  4. Breathe: Slow down and breathe before all things. Take in those essential deep breaths. The deep breaths that stop a negative response, that stop a nervous reaction, that stop an emotional break. Just breathe first. Then feel. Then respond.
  5. Love: Love my people better. Love my people more. Love my people best. Love deeper, stronger and more authentically. Just LOVE.

Here’s to you 2017. Here’s to committing to me. Here’s to committing to things that matter more. Thriving through the ugly and seeing the amazing in all things…

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  1. James

    January 5, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Some nice commitments. I have not tried it yet, but i heard if you want to ease into and learn beginning meditation that you should try the app: headspace. Their blip on their site: “Headspace is your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind. You can even fit us in your pocket”. Thinking about using it to ‘Breathe’ more myself

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