Melanie Jeanne

A Year of Inspiration

I am a visual person. I love pretty pictures. I thrive in beautiful spaces. And I dream in filters. It is no wonder then, that the fastest way to success for me is through imagery. It really is my inspiration.

If I imagine it, I can most definitely become it. If I see it, I can be it.

Therefore this year I have created a vision board. Beautiful yet simple images to inspire my goals in 2017. I’m not just stopping at commitments, I am full on focusing on goals too. What have I gotten myself into?

I have gotten myself into full on inspiration, living my best life, chasing my deepest dreams mode. I am digging it too!

It’s pretty simple… More self care, more focus on my passion with blogging, finding inspiration in my career, seeking travel and adventure, saving the dough for rainy days and our future, spending time with intention and prioritizing my most prized relationships.¬†

Self care for me models many different things. A solid visit to the salon getting my hairs did. An hour with my aesthetician clearing out my pores. A visit to the nail salon for a fresh mani/pedi combo. Thirty minutes running around the block to clear my mind. An evening snuggled in bed reading a good book. Late night binging on my DVR’d shows. Whatever the escape, it is an escape just for me to rejuvenate so that I can care for others better and with the best version of me.

My passion for blogging and finding inspiration within my career go hand in hand. There is something so very empowering about writing and about sinking into the meat of a solid career and work that inspires me. I thrive is doing good. I gain energy in accomplishing good work. And in 2017 I am focused on ensuring that the power of that inspiration is driving my path forward.

Travel and adventure is my happy place. Experiencing the world. Seeing new places. Seeking new cultures. Tasting new food. It feeds my soul. It catapults my very being beyond the normal and yet it inspires all of my normal. It is what makes me me. I will certainly be adding travels and adventures to my calendar throughout the year.

The dough… All things in life cost something. Whether it is filling the savings accounts for my girls, saving for home improvements, putting money away for our dream home / vacation home or retirement, there is one goal that is essential to success in 2017 and that is saving. Saving money, it doesn’t sound sexy, but our plans for that which we save, well those plans are awesome.

Time. For me, my goal for 2017 is to define time. Develop routines. Create bottom lines about what captures my time. And ensure that my free time is used with intention. I vow to focus on not wasting time or letting time slip away this year. I want to utilize my free time fulfilling my goals, increasing productivity and being well in my heart. No more racing. More intention. Simple as that.

And finally, as well as most importantly, this is the year that relationships rank number one. The people in my life are precious. It is my intention to ensure that they are within my heart always. Time spent with them is quality and that those I love most know it. Making memories. Honoring interests. Being well together. Loving the people I love the best I can.

What inspires you? What are your images for 2017? What is your perfect picture?


  1. James

    January 5, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Saving money sounds sexy to me

  2. Ky

    January 7, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Um, james ‘ comment for the win.

    Your vision board is gorgeous. And I love that you dream in filters.

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