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It’s Fun to Run

Running can be fun. Running can be educational. Running can be motivational.

Doodle’s school conducted ¬†an Apex Fun Run this morning. The fun run concluded a week long adventure in learning. Apex not only inspires children to stay active and participate in fitness, it spent the week at Doodle’s school teaching her much deeper lessons in life that she will be able to carry with her well beyond today’s fun run.

Apex teaches children that they are able to positively change and impact their school and the world around them. They teach children that serving others bring great joy. They teach children that encouragement and enthusiasm build others up. They teach children daily mini lessons that are motivational and provide wonderful building blocks to carry with them along their journey of life. Doodle’s mini classroom lessons taught her to be a LEGEND (L – learn, E – engage, G – give, E – empower, N – never quit, D – do). Those are mighty fine lessons if I do say so myself.

Not only were there teachable lessons within the classroom, each student also participated in fundraising activities outside of the classroom. Doodle was beyond thrilled to participate in this effort. Every few hours we would check total contributions made and evaluate her efforts. As she watched donations increase she was more and more excited for today’s run. All efforts combined gave my girl a healthy dose of motivation to participate and succeed today.

And succeed she did. My girl ran 36 laps for a total of just over 2 miles. Thats a lot of running for one little lady. She ran proud and excited. She wore her Apex bracelets throughout the entirety of her run. She stopped to give me hugs and get cheers. She focused and made a great effort to finish. She never quit and she completed what she started. It was an unusually cold and windy morning, yet the kiddos never stopped, never complained and all happily did, not only what was expected of them, but what they wanted to do. They ran…

Go Doodle Go!

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  1. James

    January 31, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    Day one of training for future college scholarship in track or gymnastics.

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