Melanie Jeanne

Let Love Shine

Honoring my dad… It’s all I can think about these days.

What are the best ways to ensure, though he is not here in body, that he is here is spirit? How can I make sure his legacy lives on? How can I ensure that the love he showed my mom, she still feels and experiences? How can I be certain that the lessons he so carefully taught to me and my sister do not slip away with his departure?

I have been thinking non-stop about him. His calm communicative nature. His love for history (specifically military) and reading. His super passionate, shall we call it, side. His smell…¬†Things about him hit me in waves. Waves that sometimes feel like they are crashing, because to be honest, I still don’t believe he is gone.

In honoring my dad I have decided to make sure my mom still gets loving surprises. Who knows when. Who knows how. But, my dad had a way of making sure important moments and memories were honored. I commit to carry on his efforts as best I can. Starting with moms birthday in the coming weeks.

Come hell or high water I am running a marathon in honor of my dad. The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. He was the most proud Marine I have ever met and our family is going to honor him. Some will run, some will cheer, our hearts are in honoring his memory the best way we know how.

I am going to find a charity that makes me feel closer to my dad. Whether it focuses on children issues (he was the best dad) or veterans affairs (oorah), I am going to find a charity where I can dedicate time to a cause that brings me closer to him.

Most of all, I am going to let love shine. He was a man with a huge heart. He went well out of his way to care for my mom, to surprise her, to remember little things. His love moved mountains and was steadfast. I want to emulate my dad in the way I love others. His friends and family care from near and far to say good bye, I am certain that had more to do with the way he loved than anything else. He cared for others. It was genuine. Unconditional. Without expectation. I want to let my love shine in a similar manner.

Here’s to letting love shine.

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  1. James

    January 31, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    I can’t think of a better person to emulate and honor.

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