Melanie Jeanne

New Beginnings

There are times when one realizes there is a need to start fresh. Start over. Begin anew.

That time for me is now.

I said a wonderful goodbye to my previous company last week. After a tumultuous early January, my heart just knew. I just knew that I needed to put my heart and happiness first. Watching ones parent lose their life just puts everything into perspective. Where I dedicate my time, how I treat my family, the energy around me… There was no question that a few things needed to shift in order to ensure I was living my best life.

In committing to honoring my father as best I can, I took to heart the goals I have set forth for 2017. I have joined a charity, Hope Kids. I am honored to commit time and energy to a group that dedicates its time to improving and making the lives of ill children better. I am thrilled to start this journey.

The Mr and I have committed to running in multiple 10k runs, 1/2 marathons and a marathon. I look forward to dedicating time and energy to truly becoming a runner. We tackled our first 10k of this year last weekend. We have another 10k and 1/2 marathon right around the corner. I will be balancing running with yoga because that feels like a beautiful balance.

I have spent this week decluttering our home. The great declutter mission / purge 2017 feels really good. The kitchen is so well organized I am ready to begin meal planning straight away. Rooms feel organized. Things are in their place and easily accessible. Our house feels the way a house should. Lived in and lovely, yet well kept.

This new beginning is beautifully wonderful. One step in front of the other, making progress towards goals. I am focused on making this my best life yet and ensuring my time is well spent.

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