Melanie Jeanne

Running Because I Can

There’s no easy way to break this to you… I don’t like running. Not really at all. Most days prior to a run I procrastinate and delay as long as possible. I also sigh deeply as I walk out the door. There’s nothing easy about running in my opinion.

However, I set this lofty goal with my family. We are all going to run in the Marine Corps Marathon this coming October. Nothing to it, right? Except there is a lot to it to me. I need to learn how to run and learn how to enjoy it. I need to learn how to breathe, what kind of steps to take, what shoes to wear and of course what to eat for best performance.

You see, once I commit to something, it consumes me. We are running in the Marine Corps Marathon specifically to honor my dad. There’s no going back, there’s no failing, there’s no I will try; my only option is to do, it was how he taught me to live.

In an attempt to not only finish, but not die and potentially enjoy running 26.2 miles, I’ve started to focus on little things to help me to become a better runner.

I try to ensure the scenery is epic. Ok, maybe epic is a stretch, but who would hate running with a beautiful backdrop, I venture to believe no one. I know my surroundings certainly make a big difference in my abilities. I am in awe with nature and I truly allow myself to feel gratitude and experience beauty in nature. It is one place I am completely grounded and can turn off my ever so full brain. Great scenery is my jam.

It’s also all about what happens between my ears. When I run I listen to music that inspires me, makes me happy or touches my heart. I have also started focusing on positive affirmations and phrases I can repeat to myself when runs are hard. That has helped immensely too. There is nothing like a little reminder to simply run your run, to just finish, to not give up.

I have started researching nutrition and diet and the impact on running marathons. The most helpful hint yet, lose any extra weight that you have hanging around. We all have goals to be the healthiest version of ourselves. I am no exception. 2017 is meant to be my year as it pertains to “getting back on track”. I gained a lovely 20 pounds over the past couple of years and where I remain at a healthy weight, running sure would be easier less those added pounds. As a result I am focused on improving my nutrition. It is my top priority and definitely my greatest challenge. I love the cookies, I love the cakes, I love all the sweets and all the breads and cheeses too. Along with growing a healthy respect for nutrition and how to fuel the body  I am also focused on training consistently. I am focusing on consistent runs and balancing those with yoga, stretching and once the weather improves swims. Anything to improve endurance and lose the weight.

Me gear game has also improved. I don’t know about you, but I perform better when I feel I look better. It is not only my priority to ensure I am wearing what is best for improved performance, but I also want to wear what feels best. I am totally digging my 1970’s looking Adidas runners right now. Something about them makes me feel like I can run and just keep running. While looking good is important, I aspire to learn about the gear that will also best support my body through this journey. Compression socks, tell me about them. Body glide, sign me up. Tech shirts, I need a few.

The most important of all the little details… my support system. My family has an awesome group chat going where we check in with one another, we keep one another posted on our efforts and we give one another sound advice on how to keep going. I am also utilizing Nike’s Nike+Run Club to help me train and motivate me throughout this process.

Do you run? What is your advice?

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