Melanie Jeanne

Phoenix Pride Run 2017

We celebrated life. And then we ran.

A family that runs together stays together… or at least is a tad bit crazy together. On March 24th we celebrated my dad. Many people he touched came together and celebrated his life. A few people shared special stories that will forever touch my heart. The military send off was far more emotional that I was prepared for and also far more beautiful. The flag fold, taps and the presentation of the flag to my mom, never before have I felt more emotion in one moment.

After a beautiful memorial, we celebrated only as Colley’s can, with a party. Guests enjoyed time together; eating mingling, sharing more stories or catching up with past connections. People talked, people reminisced, people laughed and people cried about a man who was bold and brave and strong and loving and a friend.

Saturday morning we came together as a clan again and ran. Running is healing. Healing is honoring. Honoring is loving.

I am still not a runner, but I am getting there. With every shoe I tie, with every footfall, with every song pushing me through, every time I hit the pavement I become more of a runner. This run symbolized so much more than a run. This run was a family coming together and laughing and cheering and racing to help heal the heart with each step.

It doesn’t hurt that I hit a new personal record. For six miles I ran each mile under the 10 minute mark, each and every mile. With every step I get better.

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