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Fueling or Feeling with Food?

Feeling. That’s me. I am a feeler.

Food to me is a celebration, it’s an event, it’s an experience, it’s an emotion. I live by the Julia Child quote “A party without cake is just a meeting.” I believe food brings people together. I believe food is so much of how we define memories. In our family we plan and prepare with food at the center of every event.

I am a feeler with food. I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten as an emotion, but I do believe emotions have played a part in what I have chosen to eat. It’s tricky. I am healthy by nature. I drink my water. I am active, very active these days with training for a marathon. However, I am at the epic turn in the road women speak of, the turn in which food hangs on a while longer. I may eat similarly to the way I did as a 20 something, in fact I know I eat more healthy these days. But food hangs around quite a bit longer. It doesn’t  fall right off like it used to.

It’s time to make a change. Food needs to become my fuel.

I had an incredible conversation with a dear and inspirational friend. She has literally turned her life upside down and inside out. She has cut out all alcohol, all refined sugar and all white carbs (chips, rice, pasta). And where the evidence is apparent on the outside (she has lost over 30 pounds in 100 days), it’s truly her glow and smile that speak volumes as to the change and its impact. She literally beams with confidence and health.

I want that. I want to beam with a healthy glow. That is the bottom line. Sure, I have my motivations and some of them are frankly about wearing a bikini on a beach. But, I think motivation is key on a long journey to a healthy lifestyle.

So here goes it…

Day one begins today. I’ll keep y’all posted as all journeys are better when travelled with friends. xo

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  1. Kristen Howe

    June 2, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Healthy is always great, but don’t lose love with food! I have. Food for me has become an inconvenience. I do not attach emotion to food any longer, and it has taken a while but has gone too far now I think. I eat because my stomach tells me to. It usually does so in the most inconvenient times, and I don’t find pleasure in preparing anything. I do however for my babe (Tanner). It is within preparing a healthy meal for him I keep myself nourished. Otherwise having to get up at work or from the computer when working from home is an annoyance just to keep myself from feeling sick from not eating…ugh. LOL.

    I think it was more fun when I looked forward to food, however that ‘sick’ feeling after from overeating was never fun. Now, I eat things that are “actually food” is what my little babe calls it (food that is made up of ingredients instead of chemically induced words) and when my stomach is full it tells me and I stop. I have a high level of dietary restrictions as well due to health but for the most part I eat whatever I want, and not gain weight. This is the benefit. It is also less expensive – well except that it is all organic which can be difficult on the pocket book. So keep loving food! We all have to find a middle ground, every day is a whole new day of adventure!

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