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It has been a long while.

For those still hanging around, thank you. For those just showing up, hello there.

Today is December 1st and I cannot believe 2017 is nearly over. My writing shut down a bit. It shut down because I didn’t make time for what matters a lot to me for the sake of what matters most to me.

I am not a paid blogger, therefore when life get crazy, blogging stops. This year there were a lot of stop then go’s. My dad passed away. I left a job and started a new one. My dog died too. Doodle was diagnosed with dyslexia. Summer came and went. I left the new job to launch my own business (Zoe Grace Interiors – website coming soon). We faced a few challenges. We house hunted and found our next home. We’ve been painting, remodeling, ordering furniture, preparing the new house for our move, preparing the old house for renters. We’ve been living life day to day managing three daughters and their day to day too.

It sounds big and fancy, but really it isn’t. I have simply had a lot of “things” I allowed to jump in between me and my writing.

So, today, on this December 1st I am setting my intentions for the final month of 2017 and the whole of 2018.

  • Write things down so they get done. From goals to tasks, when I write things down I somehow always get done.
  • Focus on that which matters most, first. I tend to let the little things that don’t matter much take over and dominate. What matters most – my family, my health, a clean home, happy moments, wonderful experiences.
  • Launch Zoe Grace fully Jan. 1 2018. This is my hearts passion, this is my dream job, this is my career choice. I’ve stepped away from marketing and into interior design in order to follow the career that has been on my heart my whole life and in order to focus on that which matters most. Plus, I’ve always wanted to build my own schedule.
  • Tackle 5 personal challenges. I’ve been putting me on the back burner for sometime. Mentally, physically and most of the time emotionally. Time to lose the weight, read the books, do the workouts, cook the meals and take the trips. 

I am grateful for this life I live. I am grateful for this journey I am on. I am grateful for the role I play. I am grateful for this space.

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  1. Kristen

    December 14, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Look forward to hearing more. Looks like we have some common traits from ‘17- expectations in ‘18. You got this!

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