Melanie Jeanne

Hello 2018

Hello 2018!

This year I have chosen a word. A word that will motivate and inspire throughout the whole of 2018. I’ve chosen this word because I’ve felt grey and dim throughout the whole of 2017. I’ve chosen this word to inspire joy, happiness and intrinsic growth.

2018’s word to live by:


Vibrant | Vibrance : Pulsating with life, vigor or activity. Bright.

I am going to live vibrantly this year. I am going to make my life more vibrant. I am going to lose the weight finally – so I feel more vibrant. I am going to try something new each month – so my life is filled with vibrance. I am going to care for myself with food, drink, movement and self care – so I look more vibrant. I am going to travel and adventure more – so I experience vibrance. I am going to build my interior design business – so I create vibrance for others.

This year is going to be VIBRANT!

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