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Introducing Zoe Grace Interiors

Hello world!

I’d like to introduce all of you to Zoe Grace Interiors!

Zoe Grace is my little labor of love. A dream that has festered for years. An idea that has lingered for far too long.

Zoe Grace is the culmination of a desire to work in interior design, while blending my ability to organize just about anything. I have created an organization and interior design firm!

So, why did I do this… The answer is easy – Doodle. I did this for my Doodle. I am chasing this dream because my little girl matters most to me. Being able to wake her up and have a loving relaxed morning routine. Being able to drop her off at school daily without racing to a meeting. Being able to participate in her classroom adventures when and if she wants me to. Being able to pick her up daily, early release or regular scheduled school days, without guilt or compromising my career. Being able to shuttle her to after school activities. Being able to spend the summer adventuring and exploring versus in day camps and on schedules. And most importantly being able to show her that she can create her dreams, define them, pursue them and achieve them.

My why is my Doodle, but my driving force was my dreams. I have dreamt of this career for so very long. I have dreamt of being an interior designer since I was in college. Though the cards fell into line differently, I have always dreamt of designing. Throughout my years in Corporate America it became clear my strengths lied in execution and organization, not so much in the rest of the defined role. I sought to take on projects and tasks that allowed me to organize, manage and execute rather than pursue that which had me creating, documenting or researching. I started wishing that there were roles that I could get paid to organize. There weren’t. Over time, since I was on a path that was all wrong for me, I became insecure. I felt judged, I constantly questioned my abilities, I feared I was a fraud. That is no way to feel for 8 hours a day 52 weeks a year. Instead of continuing to live in that negative space, I spoke with my better half and my Mr simply said, “Chase your dreams.”

And so I am.

The goal of Zoe Grace Interiors is to help our clients beautify their homes. Helping clients make their home their haven. Simplifying and organizing homes in order to allow the beauty of what is own to shine through. The goal is to help clients live their best lives through organization, while ensuring a clients personality and authenticity shines through their home.

Without further ado … Would you please let me introduce you to Zoe Grace Interiors?

Zoe Grace Interiors is an organization and interior design firm helping clients turn their homes into their havens. We believe that organization is at the core of design and we focus on creating a sanctuary within our clients spaces. We also believe organization and design should be accessible to all, no matter the size of the project or the budget. We launch every in-home project with heart and enthusiasm. As a full-service design firm Zoe Grace focuses on each stage of design to ensure a homes updates reflect the best of our clients. Each project is priced on a case by case basis working very closely with y’all to determine your needs, wants and dreams.

An organized and styled home is for everybody.

Cannot wait to have y’all on this journey!


  1. Sissy

    June 9, 2020 at 5:47 pm

    Whatever happened to Zoe Grace? It was fun to watch as you transitioned from traditional design to more of the organizational design side of things. I noticed the link isn’t working – are you still self employed and kicking ass?

    1. Melanie

      June 10, 2020 at 3:59 pm

      I am still working as Zoe Grace Home. Removed all the added websites and looking to streamline all here on MelanieJeanne. But, loving every minute of organizing. Cannot wait to fully get back in the swing and announce a few things too! Still self employed, currently COVID is kicking ass. 😉

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