Melanie Jeanne

Commitment = Vibrance

2018 = vibrance. Vibrance = commitment. Commitment = my health.

My health in 2018 is a top focus. There have been plenty of times this exact point has been made on this here blog and there will be plenty more in the future. It is in fact a top priority in my life. My health.

After surviving a near fatal car accident and then surviving cancer, I do not take this life for granted. I have however realized, sometimes I take my health for granted, believing I will always be in good health. Here in lies where I stumble, healthy has looked different at different times and consistency to make it a priority has ebbed and flowed throughout the years.

Inconsistency is my achilles heel and what I am most focused on changing this year. I know that everything done over time has the ability to form into a habit for the good or for the bad and that focusing on creating good habits can only benefit me and my family for our future.

Up until this past year I have blindly and naively believed that health was a choice and when I chose to prioritize it I would easily fall back into line. Good habits would come easily. The weight that I gained would easily come off. Working out would be easy to get back into the swing of. This year I learned health isn’t easy, habits are hard to break, weight doesn’t just come off as I age and my health shouldn’t be taken for granted.

At the start of 2018 it was my goal to live a vibrant life and it was clear that health would be an area that needed focus for vibrance to truly be attained. I committed to a workout program and I started researching different ways to eat that worked not only for me, but for my family. I talked to my doctor about my health and my hormones. Bottom line, I made my health my priority at a level I simply never have. Focusing on every aspect of my health to truly understand my body, how it worked and what would work.

Where am I now? Two and a half months in… I am feeling vibrant! My doctor and I are working through regulating my hormones and getting my thyroid levels where they should be. I have consistently and unapologetically worked out – loving the new program I am following and learning my love of fitness. I am still navigating nutrition and have found an incredible motivation in not only focusing on nutrition for me, but for the good of my family. I have remained consistent in my skin care routine and feel happy in how vibrant my skin looks and feels. I am seeing muscles I haven’t seen in a while (hello biceps and triceps).

Bottom line, I am realizing focusing on my health has deeper and more beneficial ramifications than the weight on the scale. I have gained clarity and energy in focusing on my hormones. I experience awesome endorphin highs after completing a workout. I feel strong and confident based on consistent fitness. I feel lean and healthy based on better nutrition.

I am feeling good, but there is still more to come…

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