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Chocolate Chip Cookie (Dough)

I consider myself an expert of sorts. I’ve never met a cookie dough I didn’t like. I’ve never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like either. Cookie dough in our home is tradition, theres no better explanation, it’s simply one of life’s traditions here.

Pillsbury has been a constant in our house forever. There is usually a roll or a sheet of break apart cookie dough just waiting for us to take a bite out of or bake a cookie or two from. You see, the love of cookie dough and cookies runs deep and strong in these parts.

Here enters a new product alert (the product is not new, but my love for it is growing quickly).

Foodstirs Organic Chocolate Chippy Cookie Mix!

This semi-homemade baking mix is sensational. I love to eat the cookie dough raw and this mix actually makes the best baked cookies I have ever baked at home.

Frankly, I stink at the baking side of cookie dough. I love the dough, but the cookies have always fallen flat. This mix takes the mistakes out of baking. Every batch I have baked has resulted in the perfect chewy outside with a soft gooey inside texture that I love.

It bodes saying that this is a fail proof recipe as well, without any added oils. Add an egg and some unsalted butter, mix until you’ve got dough and boom, you are in business. It is also quick baking – 10 to 12 minutes and that rich gooey cookie is all yours.

So how do you eat your cookie dough? Here are some of my favorite indulgences.

Cookie dough.

Warm gooey cookie fresh from the oven topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

Two cookies sandwiched together with a toasted marshmallow middle (hand to chest, I swear I invented this).

A cooled cookie dunked in cool whip (serious love for this one right here).

Crumbled on top of cookie dough ice cream. I mean cookies on cookies, doesn’t get much better than that.

It is safe to say that Pillsbury and Foodstirs will always hold a sacred place in our household. Gimmie what you got! What is your favorite cookie filled treat?

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