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It All Started With a Closet

It all started with a closet …

Over the years J and I have lived in multiple rentals and our starter home. The same issue always held true, closet space was sparse. We had one solid closet that surely inspired organization, but the rest were far from perfect. Some closets were literally racks in the middle of our bedroom. In our starter home we not only used our closet, but our clothes and extras spilled into our kids rooms. Not ideal.

When house hunting for our “dream” home, ample storage space, including master closet space, was near the top of our list. It was always our intention to update whatever home we found to ensure our storage space was optimally designed, created and available for organization. It quickly became apparent that it was going to rise to the top of my list once we found this home.

This house, in its entirety, checked so many boxes, nearly all of them in fact, but there was one space that was less than ideal. The master bedroom closet was lackluster in such a beautiful home. The closet felt slapped together with limited thought. For all of the beautiful details this home possessed the closet seemed like an after thought. Unfortunate in such a beautiful home.

A redesign was in order.

We needed to ensure that our closet did not spill over into our kids spaces as it had been for the past three years. We needed to ensure that we had designated areas for the both of us. We needed space for laundry (you never realize just how important it is until you don’t have it). We needed space for hanging clothes, dresser drawers for unmentionables, shoe organization and an area for the little details (watches, glasses, belts, purses, hats, etc). You get the point. We had needs.

I also had a few wants. I wanted to start and finish the project prior to move-in. If we waited until after we were settled, I had a strong feeling we would continue to put it off. I also wanted to honor the beauty of this house down to the closet space in the master bedroom, again, this was a needed update. The master closet needed to feel more “grown up”. And I wanted to start off on the right beautiful foot – a properly organized space.

J supported my need and my mission. We adjusted the budget and moved some items around so our lists and our budget made sense and then onward we moved. Closet dreaming became a reality in designing.

Enter California Closets.

I knew what I wanted, it was time to bring that design to life. Our California Closet consultant (Ian Weaver – Scottsdale, AZ) took all of the ideas my lengthy email mapped out and made my dreams reality. After a site visit to measure and properly plan in our home, there was a showroom visit to cross the t’s and dot the i’s and then we were off to the races. Demo of the old closet occurred, we were added to the list for installation and we waited. My initial goal of completing the closet prior to move-in didn’t quite come true, but after one month of living out of boxes and suit cases we were ready for our installation and my dreams were coming true.

Our closet quickly (time is relative) went from drab to fab. It went from what felt slapped together to a very intentional space that fully thought through the needs of the both of us. It was in the little intentional details that made our master closet become our organized dream closet.

I wanted a clean design. Where we both lean modern, I also wanted our closet to feel like an instant classic that would survive the test of style time if you will and match much of our homes design. I chose white shaker cabinets in order to maintain a classic clean look. I selected modern finishes to nod to our style. Our master bathroom is a vibrant white with silver accents and therefore I kept that look alive in our closet. I wanted ample storage space for the both of us. Cubbies were created, drawers were defined, shoe shelves were thought through, cabinets were determined, laundry bins were selected, even storage space for J’s luggage was developed within the design, lights were added. It was all coming together.

Once installation was complete I got lost in my own organizational heaven. The results, the most beautiful closet I have ever had.

It wasn’t just about creating the most beautiful closet, it was mostly about organizing all of the things for increased visibility and use. It was ensuring everything had a place and space. It was creating an environment that would allow for both J and I to manage our wardrobe and accessories. After all a closet truly is just a conduit to organizing and making accessible the things to use and wear to live our best, quality and successful life.

After organizing and re-organizing. After placing all items with intention. After playing in this heaven for many hours to make sure everything was put away and organized, I could sit in this space all day. It is calm and organized. No, a closet cannot make all of your dreams come true, but this is the closet of my dreams.

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