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Top 10 Apps so Far in 2018

Here we go, buckle up, let’s get started.

We are a quarter of the way through 2018. I cannot believe it! I don’t want to believe it at all. Simply typing “quarter of the way through” gives me small heart palpitations. I have so much to accomplish this year and time is passing too quickly. Far too quickly.

However, I have found that there are 10 apps on my phone that are helping me get through this year, stay connected, stay organized and ultimately accomplish my goals. These are my 10 favorite apps of 2018 so far…


Holy Bible:
It all starts with HIM. I have always believed in something bigger than myself. Something profound and deep and always THERE. I have always spoken to, known I was watched over by and believed in HIM. In this fast paced, on the go, always busy world, I need a resource I can turn to always. I need something that is accessible. And I love that I can tailor the message and sermon to what I need now. I believe in Church, but more than Church I believe in HIM. This app keeps me rooted in my faith, able to access sermons and the word and keeps my faith strong.

Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience:
Control you mind, control your destiny. I am a very heady girl. I get lost in the past (hello sentimental), I get caught up in the future (hello big dreams) and I swirl in the chaos of today (hello laundry list of to do’s). This app has literally changed my pace. Changed the way I think, changed the way I react, changed my peace of mind. It has opened up my heart. It has allowed me to look inward and understand my emotions. It has helped me find a deeper calm within all of my chaos.

Beachbody On Demand:
Fitness at my fingertips. I love this app! It can be accessed on my Apple TV for easy access to 1,000’s of in-home workouts. It can be accessed on my phone for access to workouts when I travel, whether in a hotel room or at the hotel gym. I can even access the BOD website on my computer … Not only do I want to be mentally strong, I also want to be physically strong. I want to be able to hike with J, play outside with Doodle, run with Duke and ultimately enjoy my life to the fullest. Having no excuses and easy access wherever I am provides me the ability to stay on track, fit fitness in where I can and meet all my goals.


If there is one app that I love from a social perspective it is Instagram. Instagram has developed into a community I truly enjoy. It is where I find a long distance, common interests, local and extended community. Moms. Interior Designers. Travel. Food. Personal Growth. Any community one would like to connect with, one can find. I appreciate this app more than most because there are limited to no polarizing posts. I love the simplicity in images. I love the beauty of the images posted from professional to personal; the composition, the colors, the subjects. This is a place where I can go and experience happiness, thoughtfulness, kindness and community.

This is where I go to get lost. When I have a few extra minutes; whether waiting in the parent pick-up line or at the doctors office, I allow myself to get lost and get inspired on Pinterest. This app is also one of my favorite resources. I research recipes for the family, travel locations and do not miss sites, crafts for me and the Doodle and of course wardrobe updates and inspiration for me. It is a creative minds dream app.

Connection. I use this app for connection, this is the one game I play consistently. It is not for the mind, though that benefits too. It is for the connection to family living near and far. It is my connection to my mom, my sister and my aunt. It is also my connection to friends. Where I love crafting a great word and earning 45+ points, I use this app primarily to stay connected. It doesn’t hurt that it keeps my mind sharp too.

Trivia Crack:
Competition. This is the one game J and I play against one another. I love that no matter the distance between us, we have something as silly as this game to share. We play with Doodle too. Having something that keeps the three of us connected and competitive makes my heart happy. We are often going in different directions daily and this game brings us back to one another when we are in different states (J), at different homes (Doodle) or frankly in different rooms sometimes. The three of us find joy in competing and that makes my heart happy.


In 2017 I stepped away from corporate America and jumped into launching my own business. I launched  Zoe Grace Interiors (an interior design and organizational coaching firm) in hopes to bring my passions to life for others. Houzz has been a great addition to launching my own business. It has provided inspiration, a place to display my work and of course another way to connect with clients through the sharing of ideas.

Making the business of money management simple. There is a lot to learn when launching a business, money management is certainly one of the many things I needed to learn and learn quickly. Square has been a life saver in the process. I can create and develop invoices from my mobile phone and simply send to my clients. I can make financial interactions clean and simple. (There are fees when using Square). Simplifying money management is key to my early success.


We love to travel! It’s our passion and our escape. There is nothing better than experiencing somewhere new. From the sites to the scenes. However, always paying top dollar puts a cramp in our wanderlust hearts. Instead of experiencing the full price cramps, we find the best deals to the best locations on Hopper. This allows us to experience more, more often, while not having to spend more. Who doesn’t like a good deal?

*** Note: I am not paid for my opinions or promotions of any apps in this post. This post contains my opinions only. ***

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  1. Ky

    April 10, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Oh, I love this! Going to download Triviacrack and Hopper!

    Check out the “Overwhelmed by my Blessings” Bible plans. There are 8 of them. I loved them.


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