Melanie Jeanne

Vitamin Sun

I need the bright. I need the happy. I need the sun. The vitamin D doesn’t hurt.

Living in Arizona the sun is accessible at nearly all times. In fact it is so accessible here that rainy days are like heaven on earth. We look forward to gloom just about as much as some places look forward to the sun. I find that I fall victim to getting locked up indoors when the sun is shining bright. Completing chores, focusing on too many tasks, snuggling up to watch a movie, working on design projects and allowing the hours when the sun shines to be eaten up by other priorities.

I have found for my well being and happiness, that I need to opt outside more often. Read for 30 minutes on our back patio. Walk the dogs. Take a hike. Take Doodle to the park. Play outside. Roll the car windows down. Enjoy lunch on a patio. Raise all the blinds. Let the sun shine in my life.

When life gets tough. As it will. There is a sure fire cure for my blues. It is literally yellow. The suns shining light. I am reluctant to say it is simply sunshine. No, it is rather being outdoors. Getting fresh air and gaining perspective.

I am an emotional being that needs to slow down in order to power up. I am someone who needs to feel fully in order to move through emotion. I am someone who needs to sink deep in order to soar out. Recently I had been feeling the funk and the blues. And more than ever I realized I had been craving opting outside. Even if just to drink a cup of coffee or tea. The outdoors is my sanctuary. The sound of earth. Breezes. Birds. Rustling palm fronds. All the little noises. All of natures beauty moving around me and grounding me. It always reminds me there is something so much bigger than me in this world. It always reminds me that “this too shall pass”. And it always reminds me (as a friend recently did too) that I have survived 100% of what has happened to me thus far in my life.

So when the blues hit. When the funk sinks in. After the snuggling in. After the rest. After the going inward. Then there is the getting out. The refresh. The soaring.

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