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Celebrating Mommy-hood

I am a mama, hear me roar! 

You have a mom… She raised you or maybe she is still in the throws of raising you. Or you’re a husband and she’s raising your littles or helping to raise your bios. Whatever the case may be, she deserves a whole lot of love and a little extra something this coming Sunday.

Moms are selfless. I know this. Not because I am a mom and also selfless, but because I was raised by the most selfless woman I have ever met. Ok, and I am a mom and I too am selfless in my own ways. That’s the beauty of being a mom, we are all uniquely individual and superheroes in our own beautiful way. The middle of the night scary dreams, the struggle to walk down a dark hallway, the need for a little extra help in the potty. The tears after a hard day at school, the doctor visits for the most random rash breakout, the dentist appointment prying a jaw open to finish the task at hand. The extra long hug, the one last check in at bed time, the perfect birthday dinner, the sixteen braids braided so that a little can have curly krimpy hair and the homemade favorite desserts. Everyday, there is an act of love and kindness that makes a mom a superhero.

I know this to be true, moms really are super heroes. I often ask myself how my own mom actually did it. I also ask her. I ask her how she raised two girls who listened to rules, did their homework without argument, completed their chores without being reminded, had respect for adults and used manners more often than not. I ask her how she juggled working full time and feeding us homemade dinners every single night. I ask her how she slept through fears and conquered worries. I really don’t know how she did it all.

As a mama myself I know one absolute that comes with being a mama. This absolute is that we would move heaven and earth to do every and anything in our power to take care of our children. In my experience, and knowing a lot of mama’s too, we mama’s are constantly trying to do what is best for our children. A mother’s love is something extraordinary. Having a mama of my own, I know the level of deepness in that love, I’ve felt it. Being a mama, I know the constant feeling of love I have for my littles. It’s extraordinary.


Though time is running out, it is never too late to show your mama you cherish her. It is never too late to put your wife on that pedestal she so deserves. And if you are anything like me and simply run on fumes and limited time, here are some ideas to make your mama feel special this Sunday!

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1| A Beautiful Cookbook – I am a mama who collects cookbooks. I love the beauty of stacked spines in my kitchen. I also love the ability to select a meal from some of my favorite chefs or celebrities. But, here is the real kicker, I am obsessed with Mexican food. Obsessed. Put beauty, style and food together and an incredible cookbook about my favorite food is a totally awesome gift. Pick your mama’s favorite food and gift her a beautiful cookbook too!

2| Give the Gift of Time & Money (Anthropologie) – Do not underestimate the power of a gift card. For this mama, this is a gem. I love Anthropologie (and many other stores). A gift card to one of my favorite spots, a Visa or an Amex GC is a perfect nod to me. I presume other mama’s would feel the same way. A few bucks to a fave spot and the promise of a shopping trip without worry, this hits the nail on the head of gift giving. Add a few sweet words in a card and you’ve hit a home run.

3| Memories Over the Years in a Photo Book – Compile all of those memories into a personalized photo book with Mixbook Photo Co. There is nothing I love more than all of our memories and photos. I love walking down memory lane and seeing the smiles on my babes faces from magical moments. Just the other day I got lost in baby photos. What a special gift, to give the gift of beautiful memories. Plus any mama would know just how much time and effort and love this gift was made from.

4| A Little Bling – Every mama loves bling in honor of her role as a mama. Namesake jewelry, birthstones, a bobble that simply says Mama. Give her something that shines. This Mama necklace from the Cupcakes and Cashmere shop, that hangs around her neck and near her heart, it creates all the mushy and gushy feels.

5| Book that Spa Treatment – She moves mountains daily for her family. Honor her this year with a spa treatment. Hours to herself, rejuvenating and relaxing. Give her the gift of rest. Release tension and worries and say thank you for all the burdens she bears by helping her release them all. My favorite spa – Alvadora at the Royal Palms Resort & Spa in Phoenix. Find the spot, give her the gift, let her release her stress.

6| Make her Feet Fancy – What woman doesn’t love shoes? I’ll tell you, none. All women love shoes. I think it is a proven fact. With athleisure style at an all time high, help make mom’s running around feet a tad more fancy. I am all about colorful Nike’s right now. Feminine and pastel, bright and vibrant neon. You name it, I want it. I love fancy feet because my style is fairly basic. I dress up with shoes and accessories. Make her feet a tad more fancy this Mother’s Day.

Now, on to a few of those irreplaceable free gifts… The ones that are filled with love and emotion. The ones that come directly from the heart. 

7| Homemade Art – I have drawers filled with the little unexpected notes. I have stacks of art made just for me. There is something so precious about art made and intended for just you. I love those little scratches of paper. They are a snap shot in time reminding me that my little will not stay little forever. It is the most beautiful gift to receive, something made by little hands with full hearts.

8| Breakfast in Bed – It is free. It is thoughtful. It is cliche and yet a beautiful treat. Filling her cup of coffee and sneaking to the kitchen to prepare a meal. Whether it’s eaten at the table as a family or in bed quietly waking, beat mom to the punch and prepare her meal this Sunday.

9| Clean Her Home – Her home is her castle. On a daily basis she is tidying, she is washing laundry, she is making beds, she is cleaning dishes, she is keeping your house a home. This Sunday, call all hands on deck and clean the house. Clear the dust bunnies, sweep the pup hair away, make the beds, wipe the mirrors. Give the gift of clean. Light a candle and put on her favorite movie. #winning

10| Hand Write a Love Letter – For the husbands in the audience. Notice her. Write to her. Scribe words of love and gratitude. To be seen and acknowledged is one of the greatest gifts of love. To take note and appreciate the efforts made – the middle of the night wake ups, the doctors appointments, the school plays, the morning lunch making, the homemade breakfasts, the stocked fridge, the clean bathroom, the tears of exhaustion, the little touches and efforts made for each individual in your home. Take a moment to ensure she knows you see her. Share your heartfelt gratitude for the woman she is. Lay pen to paper and get emotional, take the time and share some deeper observations. She deserves it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there. Today and everyday, I know how hard you work and how much heart is put into your life’s work. You are a superhero in my eyes … 

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  1. Jo

    May 11, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    I would love any of the above suggestions, but my most cherished gift would be the gift of time. Time to sit with you and have a cup of coffee. Time walking around our favorite stores. Time enjoying a fun lunch. Time watching you with your little. Time to travel with you. Time to see a movie with you. Time to just be you and me together. Happy Mother’s Day to a Sweetheart of a daughter

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