Melanie Jeanne

Fresh Cut Flowers

The most beautiful corsage I ever did see.

The ivory ribbon, the garden rose, the succulents. And I was reminded of just how beautiful fresh cut flowers can be.

There’s something so special about celebrating life’s moments with flowers. Providing bouquets after a performance. Celebrating love with a special delivery. Returning home with a bouquet just because.

And then there are special moments in which flowers are generally always a part of the celebration; prom corsages being one of those very special moments.

The oldest went to her Senior Prom last Saturday and her corsage was stunning. The shop where it was purchased, Camelback Flowershop, is the most charming little flower shop in the Arcadia area of Phoenix. Fresh blooms, succulents, crystals and geodes, sweet little household items to add to your decor and beautifully crafted cards for any occasion.

The beautiful corsage they created for our girl’s magical night was beautiful and what they create for everyday happiness is stunning as well. While we were there I was reminded of just how incredible nature’s beautiful little treats are. They bring happiness and joy, calm and beauty, love and celebration to moments.

From now on I vow to bring more fresh blooms into our home. There is just something so beautiful and special about bringing the outdoors in.

Three Ways to Bring Flowers into Your Home:

1. Everyday Bouquet – be consistent in bringing bouquets into your home. Pick-up a beautiful bouquet at your local grocers or flower shop and arrange. Select seasonal flowers so that your arrangements continue to look and feel fresh in your space. Place in your great room or common living space for all to enjoy.

2. Terrarium or Succulent Box – Want a more permanent piece? Create or purchase a terrarium or succulent box. These more low profile pieces will last longer and bring green into your living space. They will create interest and texture as well.

3. Make it Fake – No green thumb, no problem. There are plenty of gorgeous fake plants available these days. From beautiful cacti, to fiddle leaf fig trees. There are ways to bring green and the look of nature into your home without a natural knack or green thumb.

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