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Girl, Wash Your Face – A Book Review

This one was a page turner.

First and foremost I love the way Girl, Wash Your Face reads, Rachel Hollis has a way with words. Rachel found a way throughout the entirety of the book to deliver deep emotional content with wit, humor and a level of humanness that ultimately allows the reader (me) to nod their head and yell “me too!” I also appreciate immensely that Rachel got straight to the point, right in that introduction of hers, she went for it, she told the reader the punch line of the book. Thank you.

This wasn’t your ordinary personal development book. This wasn’t your ordinary Christian read. This book was human. To it’s core, human. And this is why I couldn’t put this book down.

Nothing Rachel wrote was earth shatteringly new by way of personal development. However, the lies we all tend to believe at one point or another were addressed and refuted with beautiful personal stories. In each one of those stories I could find a thread, a similarity, my own version of that story and realize my own belief in the very same lie and why I needed to, or why I once did find my own truth and let the lie go.

This was an easy reading book that a reader could set down and pick up as time allows without losing momentum or interest. My word of advice, read a full chapter at a time. Rachel starts each chapter with a lie. A lie she certainly believed at one point in her life, a lie most of us have believed or still believe in in our own lives. She then tells an incredibly witty and poignant story from her own personal experience that ties the reader and her together. That makes the lie so real, that allows the reader to understand how the lie threads itself into ones life. She then tells her story of breaking ties with the lies. I liked this part best because it was raw and real. It was a coffee date with your best friend where she puts it bluntly, tells it to you straight, no bull shit. Just straight up truth and a little dose of reality. And then Rachel simply ends the chapter with a few steps on how she and how the reader could start breaking the lies.

This book was a refreshing dose of reality. It was the check in that I needed with a “dear” friend (Rachel doesn’t know we’re dear friends just yet). It was the reminder that at the end of the day “I AM WORTH IT.” It being following my path, facing my fears, chasing my dreams, breaking ties with lies I believe.

For anyone who simply wants to read a refreshingly blunt perspective on life, read this book. For anyone looking for a thread of hope through a tough time, read this book. For anyone who has put themselves in a box, made themselves small, followed the crowd despite the feeling that it was wrong, read this book. For anyone chasing big, bold dreams, read this book. For any female, read this book. Gift this book to any friend that loves personal development. Gift this book to any female grad, high school or college, just gift it to her.

Take a moment, laugh with Rachel. Get that knot in your throat, the ugly cry kind, with Rachel. And then tell me what you think!

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